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No matter the purpose of fishing, whether recreation or for business, knowing the weight of your catch is something exciting. When you get a heavy-weighing fish, there is a feeling of fulfillment and joy. But wait! How do you tell the weight of the fish? By just picking it up, anglers will not know how heavy the fish is unless they use a weighing device. This is the reason why it is essential to carry a fish scale that will weigh your catch accurately. This will help you track progress and even understand the kind of fish that are in the water.

Additionally, in some countries government forbids catching fish that weighs less than the approved Kilograms. In order to be on the safe side of the law, it will be prudent to gauge every catch before taking it into the cooler. Those that do not meet the required weight are released back to the water. This means that the best fish scale should work perfectly well and fast since fish cannot survive for long out of the water. 

The good news is that they are many that are perfectly designed to take accurate and easy to read weight records. Most of the digital scales are compact which makes it stress-free to carry while on angling excursion. However, picking one out of the many is challenging. You will need something that will give value for money and serve the purpose well. This article has been specifically put together to help anglers buy a suitable weighing tool that is easy to use without necessarily spending much. Read through to understand more on the fish gauges and the top 6 reviewed products that will give you the best services.

Top 6 Fish Scales in 2021 ( Best Picks)

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Fish Scales

What Is A Fish Scale?

A fish scale is a weighing device used by anglers to measure caught fish. It helps weigh fish during tournaments, abide by the legislative laws or used by the individual for documentation of every catch. The scales are mainly essential for those anglers who fish diverse species that need a particular size and length as per the laws of the country. There are basically two types of weighing devices used by an angler, which are analog and digital weighing devices.

Analogue fish scale

These types of weighing devices were invented back in the 1800s to early 1900s. They depend upon a hook, a spring and numbering on the housing exterior. The weight of the fish was taken by hooking it through the mouth and holding the scale-up. The dial will be pulled to proper weight as a result of pressure put against the spring by the fish. For accuracy, the spring was generally tested with an already known load to ensure the pressure put is equivalent to the measurement of the item. Some people still use analog measuring devices, but their use is decreasing as days go by. This is because a new invention has led to more accurate measuring devices which are digital and thus easy to use.

Digital fish scale

These are the weighing devices that are advanced and can be calibrated to ensure they take more accurate measurements. They can also take fish length, which cannot be known using the analogue devices. When the digital came up, they were a bit bulky and could measure one or more fish at the same time.

However, there has been an improvement, and nowadays, there are smaller versions of digital weighing devices that work accurately. Current scales are made of high impact plastic which is rust-free, unlike the older ones which were made of quickly corroding metal. Smaller fish can be weighed by the digital scales which could not be done using the analog ones.  

Pro and Cons of Using A Fish Scales

A weighing device is essential when going for a fishing excursion. However, it comes with pro and cons, as highlighted below:


  • They are used to measure the weight of the fish during tournaments, and in case one needs to keep track of previous catches.
  • They do not require more storage space, especially the digital ones, which are compact, lightweight and handy. 
  • They are used to confirm claims of a great catch. In case of significant capture that deserves commendation, an angler can add the weight of the fish as evidence. Also, where the weight limit of caught fish is stipulated gauging devices comes handy.


  • Technologically current devices are pricier, and some anglers may avoid it. Always go for the less up-to-date tool if you do not like making a significant investment in it.
  • It adds to the number of equipment to take care of. Some anglers may not want to get additional material on their trips.

How to Choose the Best Fish Scales – Buying Guide

Confusion always sets in when there is a choice to be made between many options that are available. Fish scales are not different. They are various types of different sizes and shapes that use different technologies in their design and functionality. You may not be able to choose the best without considering some crucial factors. Besides being accurate and durable, here are other things that you should look at:

  • Weight range

Your fishing style will dictate the weight range of the appropriate gauging tool. The analog hook and spring scale weigh a maximum of 50 pounds while the digital ones can measure up to 100 pounds. If you do not intend to catch huge fish, then a lower weight range will work perfectly well. Otherwise, go for a more significant scale.

  • Scale readability

The best weighing device should be easy to use. One of the challenges one can encounter while using the scale is the ability to read accurately. One should look for a measuring tool that is readable during the day and night. Those with LED or LCD display are always the best. Those that have more decimal places are deemed more accurate, and one should ensure they know how to read them thoroughly. Smaller scales are sometimes problematic to read compared to larger ones. If you must, learn well before using the scale. The instructional manual can help you to understand how to use it perfectly.

  • Cost

You need to consider the crucial features of the scale before looking at the cost. Once the ones that meet your desired specification and features are identified, pick one according to the budget. Many devices are well priced and will vary depending on manufacturer, brand and specs. Choose one that fits your budget while serving your needs well.

  • Place where the scale will be used

The type of device bought should function well in the environment you work in.  If the tool is used in wet areas, e.g. in the lake, then it should be waterproof and buoyant. This will prevent the loss or damage of the device in the event it accidentally falls into the water. Floating means it will be found easily on the water. Those who would wish to use it on dry places can go for those that  are not necessarily waterproof or buoyant. 

  • Power source

The analogue scales can be used manually. They do not necessarily need any power and can be used anywhere without worrying about switching off. However, most of the digital scales use batteries as a source of energy. This will mean carrying extra batteries for an emergency that can occur. You do not need to take along a weighing device that will disappoint just because the battery has run out. 

Detailed Review of 6 Top-Rated Fish Scales

With the above consideration in mind, you can pick one from the six reviewed below. Check the features and specs to enable you to make an informed decision.

01-Dr Meter Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale

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Dr Meter hanging hook scale is the most preferred weighing device because of its durability, affordability and portability. Stainless steel hanging hooks, a metal handle coupled with high-density ABS body make, ensures durable construction that is worth investing in. It has state of the art weight sensors that take an incredibly accurate measurement of both small and big fish. Weight of between 0.2lbs to 110lbs can be accurately taken with the device. The built-in tape is also packaged with the device and can be used to measure the length of your catch. Additionally, it has an LCD screen in ounces, pounds, kilograms and grams which is backlit for night use. In case you forget to turn off the scale, it will automatically shut off thus saving the battery life. 

The tare purpose is a significant advantage for catch-and-release anglers, as it enables the net weight of the catch, by first weighing the empty bucket then resetting it to zero before taking the measurements of the container together with the fish. When not in use, the tape measure, handle and the hook tuck away for secure storage in the tackle box. Two AA batteries are including for convenience while on long angling trips.

Key features

  • LCD screen for easy readability even at night
  • Handle up to between 0.2lbs to 110lbs making it suitable for both small and big fish
  • Two AAA batteries for convenience
  • Fine steel scalable design
  • Build-in tape for taking length measurements
  • Stainless steel hook with a metal handle to ensure the device is durable


  • Brand: Dr Meter
  • Model: PSO1-V
  • Weight unit: Kg, lbs., oz.
  • Weight range: 0.2lbs-110lbs
  • Length range: 1m
  • Power: 2*AAA
  • Product weight: 200g

02- MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale

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Mango Spot is a multi-purpose scale that can be used when fishing. You get a fully functional weighing device with a much friendly cost,   making it a preference to many primarily recreational fishers. We like the LCD screen since it can be read at night with auto power-off after 2 minutes to save battery power in case angler forgets to put it off.  The stainless steel hook scale with tare functionality ensures you get long and convenient services.

The hang hook scale further makes it suitable to be used while on a boat to measure 0.01lbs to 110lbs of fish. In case your fish weighs beyond the maximum limit, it will be shown on overload indicator.  This ensures you do not strain your weighing tool. Measurements can be taken in jin, ounces, kilograms, and pounds, thus there is room to choose one that is best understood and needed at a particular time.  The device uses Two AA batteries that come with it during the initial purchase. If you are a recreational angler, this device is best for you since you get it at a much cheaper price wit only slight variation in weight compared to other scales.

Key features

  • LCD screen display which can be read at night
  • Tare function for catch-and-release fishermen
  • Only weighs 154g making it portable
  • Handle between 0.01lbs to 110lbs for significant and more accurate measurements
  • Two AA batteries which come with the device
  • Stainless steel hook for durability


  • Brand: Mango Spot
  • Weight unit: Kg, lbs., oz.
  • Weight range: 0.01lbs-110lbs
  • Power: 2*AA 
  • Product weight: 154g 

Sounds perfect? 

03- Fishfun Digital Fishing Scale

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Fishfun weighing device comes with outstanding three modes that not only gauges the fish but can help in other situations. Data hold ON style will help you weigh the fish and other static luggage, data hold OFF for measuring adjustable items and peak mode to record the full reading. The authentic quality sets it apart. The sensor is made of aluminum alloy which 8mm thick which holds up to 110lbs with consistency and accuracy of 0.05lbs.

Never will it slip out of your grip because of a rubberized handle that fits all the fingers comfortably. You get to use it easily with no-puncture lip gripper that securely holds large catch with a single hand and scale gripper combo for easy and quick gauging. The features such as low battery indicator, overload indicator, auto-remember previous unit, auto-off, tare, zero and data lock make it user-friendly. Using it at night is not an issue as the LCD display has a backlight that allows you to read the weight in pounds or kilograms easily. Furthermore, it is compact and therefore getting one will not be a bother in terms of storage and transport.

Key features

  • Three modes that allow it to be used to take other weights apart from that of the fish
  • High quality make which include 3mm thick aluminum alloy scale and stainless steel hook
  • 3’’ rubberized handle for a non-slip grip
  • No-puncture lip gripper for measuring large fish
  • Scale gripper combo for easy and quick weighing
  • Overload indicator, low battery indicator, auto-off, tare, zero and data lock features making it user-friendly
  • Water-resistant making it work even in rains


  • Brand: Fishfun
  • Weight unit: Kg, lbs.
  • Weight range: 0.05bs-110lbs
  • Power: 3*AAA batteries

04- Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales 

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Entsport is the best dual-purpose weighing device. Apart from taking the weight of the catch, it has fish lip gripper that is perfect for catch-and-release anglers. This makes it possible to get your catch out of the water safely without using a gaff. No compromise on the protective slime coat of the fish whatsoever as to the device easily handles and controls it. 

The non-corrodible stainless steel construction makes it durable in both fresh and saltwater. You get to operate it efficiently with a single hand because of the fast release lever and extra-wide gripper’s opening. Carrying is also made effortless by non-slip comfortable EVA handle that has an adjustable wrist strap. Weigh of up to 15kg can be comfortably taken using Entsport device, making it suitable for all kinds of fishing. 

Key features

  • Stainless steel construction that does not rusts for durability
  • Non-slip EVA handle
  • Quick-release lever and easy-grip handle
  • Weighs up to 15 kilograms
  • Retractable tape measure for length measurement


  • Brand: Entsport
  • Weight unit: Kg, lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 15kgs
  • Item weight: 198g
  • Item length: 24.5cm

05- Yogayet Portable Fishing and Luggage Hanging Hook Scale 

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Yogayet dial gauge is a traditional scale that offers dependable and durable services. It is uniquely designed with fresh ideas that make it easy to read in kilograms and pounds during the day or at night. You get to weigh up to 22 kilograms comfortably and measure 1m length using the tape ruler. The device does not use a battery, making it hassle-free and less costly in terms of maintenance.  

The product is designed to last long with chrome-plated hanging hook and ABS casing that is water-resistant. Storage is not an issue as the device is compact with foldable handle and is generally lightweight, thus making carrying effortless — anglers who purchase like it since it can easily fit into the fishing outfit.

Key features

  • Operated manually which reduces the cost of batteries as it does not use them
  • Measures up to 50 lbs which are suitable for a traditional weighing device
  • Easy to read gauge in kilograms and pounds
  • Compact, lightweight with foldable handle making storage and transport easy
  • High precision grip action for a firm grip


  • Brand: Yogayet
  • Weight unit: Kg, lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 50 pounds
  • Item weight:1.74lbs

06- KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale 

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If you want a scale that can be sued in waters and cannot get lost easily, then Kastking work just impeccably. It is both waterproof and buoyant which ensure it functions well in all weather conditions. Using it is convenient as it only weighs 5.6 ounces with TPR non-slip sides and wide handles for a firm grip. In spite of being lightweight, it can weigh up to 50lbs catch which can be converted to kilograms and stores nine different weights for reference. 

The stainless hook makes it durable with no-puncture lip grip for catch and releases functionality. With this device, you are not limited at night because of the LCD screen that is readable. Get one and enjoy the following great features.

Key features

  • Weighs up to 50lbs 
  • Weighs only 5.6 ounces making it easy to store and carry around
  • No-puncture lip grip for catch and release functionality
  • Dual-mode digital weight taking
  • Waterproof and buoyant
  • Robust ABS handle with a stainless steel hook for durability


  • Brand: KastKing
  • Weight unit: Kg, lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 50 pounds
  • Item weight:10.6 ounces

Sounds ideal? 


Q: Is it possible to find a device that floats on water?

Today’s fishing scales are designed to be buoyant to reduce chances of getting lost in case of drop accidents. So, yes, you can find one that floats but ensure you check the product description before purchase. 

Q: Which one is the best between analog and digital devices? 

It all boils down to preference. This day analogue has been significantly improved to ensure they are readable. They do not use batteries, thus reducing the cost of operation. The digital ones are more accurate in terms of measurement; however, you will need to replace the batteries once in a while. Choose the specs that you are looking for and check if you will find in analog or digital according to your preference.

Features of Top 6 Fish Scales

# Product Name Features More Info
1 Dr Meter Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale
Weighs up to 110lbs
200g product weight
LCD screen
Fine steel weight hook
Rotates up to 180 degrees
ABS material
Auto-off feature
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2 MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale
Weighs up to 110lbs
154g product weight
LCD screen
Auto-off feature
Stainless steel hook
Digital readout
Tare functionality
Overload indicator
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3 Fishfun Digital Fishing Scale Weighs up to 110lbs
LCD screen
Three modes
Hook with a tape measure
Rubberized handle
No-puncture lip
Over-load indicator
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4 Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales 
Weighs up to 50kgs
Stainless steel construction
EVA handle
Quick-release lever 198g
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5 Yogayet Portable Fishing and Luggage Hanging Hook Scale 
Weighs up to 22kgs
Stainless steel hook
Operates manually
Lightweight with foldable handle
Item weight is 1.74lbs
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6 KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale 
Weighs up to 50lbs
Waterproof and buoyant
TPR non-slip slides
No-puncture lip gripper
Item weight is 10.6 ounces
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Final Word

Nothing matches a scale that is accurate and easy to use. If you want the best fish scale that will offer the two features choose any of the ones reviewed above. Narrow down according to the buying guide and your preference. Any of them will surely serve the purpose of taking a measurement, and the variation is in term of specs that are designed to meet various needs in the market. Indeed, with this article, your shopping for the weighing scale that can be used in fishing will be quite fast and stress-free. 

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