Best Fish Finder GPS Combo Units | Detailed product review and buyers guide for 2021

Advancement in technology has made fishing stress-free and with a high rate of success. These days’ anglers can quickly identify the hotspots with the use of fishfinder GPS combo units. These units combine both bottom imaging technologies and sonar fish finders with robust Global positioning systems (GPS) to locate the fish. Your work is to throw the lure to an exact place, which increases the chances of getting a catch.

Though GPS and imaging technology has been there, they were quite expensive. This made it quite a burden for a regular fisherman to use, leaving the military personnel and well-funded operators to take advantage of the equipment. However, this has changed, and the units are available at affordable prices, and most anglers are beginning to integrate the gadget as part of the essentials. 

Those who are new to them or need an upgrade may be stuck on where to start in order to get the best fish finder GPS Combo units given the variety in the market. In this article, we have explored the top-rated products which are known to work well in locating the catch. Undoubtedly every angler will get one that serves individual needs.

Top 6 Fish Finder GPS Combo Units (Best Picks)

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Fish Finder GPS Combo

Advantages of Fish Finder GPS Combo Units

The fishfinder GPS combo benefits the anglers in the following ways:

  • Data saving and location identification for future reference

The hotspot locations identified and crucial data can be saved so that it can be used in the next fishing expedition. You do not have to check the fishing spot always every now and then as this can be checked from the previous records. Some models come with inbuilt maps that help anglers find their way through the lakes they have never been before. 

The maps you created using GPS can be shared with others, which makes it easy for them too. The information about water conditions, fish behaviors, and depth can all be known ahead of angling excursion. This leaves you knowledgeable and well prepared to get more fish, unlike those without a GPS.

  • All-in-one equipment that is convenient to use

Adding more tools on top of other necessary gears makes storage and power supply a little more stressful. Therefore, having gear that gives you sonar imaging and GPS is just fantastic and convenient. It makes a lot of sense as the price is also quite affordable compared to buying every single tool.

  • A small package with excellent electronic performance

Space in the boat is a challenge for the majority of business anglers. Having cumbersome equipment may be a problem when it comes to storage. This issue has been solved by the top manufacturers by providing smaller and powerful fishfinder combo units. Therefore, instead of buying the GPS and fishfinder separately, it is better to go for a combined portable unit.

  • Superior imaging and screens

The combo unit that is available and reviewed here gives anglers a chance to explore underwater in a clear and real manner than ever before. You get to see the type of fish in a specific location. Knowing where the fish are and what is being caught makes a whole lot difference in angling.

Detailed Review of the Six Top-Rated Fish Finder GPS Combo Units In 2021

By just looking at the summary, it might be challenging to differentiate the units. To make this straightforward, we have reviewed in detail the six top-rated fishfinder GPS combo units below:

01- Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fishfinder 

Striker 4 fish finders enable anglers to get a catch quickly like never before. Identify and go back to your favorite location, docks, and boat ramps and share your preferred routes and waypoints with other striker anglers. The clear scanning sonar gives perfect underwater images that allow anglers to get an accurate representation of fish, objects, and structure. Simplicity is at its best, as you can easily use and install the device with a keyed interface. 

Never worry about switching depth-ranges scales as the smooth scaling graphic will give you uninterrupted imagery. Built-in flasher also allows viewing of sonar information in the standard flasher format. Get this device and experience the CHIRP clarity with a broader range of data.

Key Features

  • Waypoint map that is used to view, mark and navigate to different locations
  • A convenient keyed interface that is easy and simple to install
  • Portable with a kit that makes it possible to carry for canoe, kayak and ice fishing
  • CHIRP transducer that captures clear and distinct underwater images
  • In-built flasher that allows viewing of sonar information in the standard flasher format


  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 010-01550-00
  • Display size: 3.5 inches 
  • Weight: 230g
  • Maximum depth: 1600ft freshwater, 750ft saltwater

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02- Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder

The Helix 5 model comes with a 5-inch screen that gives you a more comprehensive view of underwater images. With CHIRP digital sonar, anglers get details transmission of the lake bottom that other sonar won’t pick up. The way is clearly shown through GPS, allowing you to navigate through the new lakes with ease. The inbuilt base maps with auto chart live show you the way with nowhere to hide as a result of side-imaging technology. You can create real-time maps of your hotspots and save on an SD card for use in the next angling expedition. No worry about the content size as the Memory card can be inserted in its slot. Surely, you will get what is needed to win the day!

Key Features

  • Down imaging giving a more unobstructed view of the underwater
  • Digital CHIRP sonar that provides detailed returns on underwater images of fish, structures and much more
  • Side imaging that scans the places on the left and right of the boat
  • In-built GPS that offers fast position accurate fixes at 2.5 meters range
  • SD card slot to expand memory so as to save as much information as possible
  • A 5-inch colored screen that gives a broader view of the underwater


  • Brand: Humminbirds
  • Model: 410230-1
  • Display size: 5 inches

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03- Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar

This is the highest spec sonar that can be cast inshore and map the fishing location.  You get remarkable data as it scans up to 260 ft. with a 0.5-inch target separation. Using dual-beam and 15 scans per second, you get images of structures, vegetation, and fish together with map depth. The built-in GPS enables anglers to generate bathymetric maps right from the shore. 

The rock-solid connectivity to your smartphones enables synching of information so that you can view it right on the devices. The internet is not needed as it syncs automatically using its own generated Wi-Fi. Installation is done in seconds, and there is no cable that can get you entangled whatsoever. Purchase one and cast further, scan deeper and save the data on the cloud with ease. 

Key Features

  • Superb connection by use of Wi-Fi and precise scanning of 15 shots per second
  • Cast up to 330ft and scams 260ft deep
  • Data can be saved on a cloud on the fish more in-depth application on lake book computers
  • GPS onshore mapping creating bathymetric maps right on the spot


  • Brand: Deeper
  • Model: DP1H10S10
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Scanning depth: 260ft

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04- Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder 

Simrad has an easy to use multi-touch interface with a 7-inch flush widescreen. The display features a chart plotter with an in-built GPS receiver, which allows anglers to cover favorite fishing spots. The bright LED lights make it work even in darker conditions. TheTotalScan™ transducer is included that uses high/medium frequency CHIRP. Precise imaging makes planning much more manageable and feasible. With Simrad, you will locate and map structures quickly and spend the better part of the day fishing successfully.

Key Features

  • Chart plotter with in-built GPS for easy planning
  • Radar options
  • Total scan transducer that is easy to install and mount
  • A multi-touch interface that is easy to use
  • Widescreen of 7-inch


  • Brand: Simrad
  • Model: SIMRAD
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Display size: 7 inch

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05- Garmin Striker 4cv with transducer

Stricker 4CV is an easy to use fishfinder with a 3.5-inch screen and in-built very sensitive GPS and CHIRP sonar. Use it to locate the fish and save the hotspot to return on the next expedition. The in-built flasher allows you to view the incredible underwater images in flasher format. Only weighing 230g, it is quite portable and can go to a maximum depth of 1750ft in freshwater and 830ft in saltwater. Get one and have fun fishing on all your trips.

Key Features

  • A 3.5-inch screen that is easy to use
  • In-built high sensitive GPS for navigation and mapping
  • In-built flasher
  • Speed data is displayed directly on the screen


  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 010-01806-00
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Display size: 3.5 inches 
  • Maximum depth: 1750ft freshwater, 850ft saltwater

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06- Lowrance HDS-7 LIVE – 7-inch Fish Finder

Lowrance HDS-7 live uses advanced technology to capture underwater images. The CHIRP sonar imaging with 3D/HD structure scan creates images from beneath and to the side of the boat. Anglers see all that is in the water as a result of the HDS live series with a dual-core processor for quick redraws and faster response time. The color sonar gives high-visibility contrast like no other, making sure you spot the fish beneath or on the side of the boat.

The internal GPS antenna has a 10Hz location update that offers the most accurate trails, maximum position accuracy, and smoother performance. It also supports MSAS, EGNOS, and WAAS. Anglers find routes easily using the in-built high-detail C-MAP US of over 4,000 lakes. Get one and enjoy the SolarMAXTM HD screens that provide a crisp and clear view from all angles, even in direct sunlight.

Key Features

  • Multi-touch SolarMAXTM HD screen with high resolution for more clearer and distinct imaging
  • In-built C-MAP for easy routing of over 4,000 lakes with Navionics auto-routing technology
  • CHIRP sonar and 3D active imaging which happen simultaneously to offer clear images underneath and on the sides of the boat
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity with smartphone notifications


  • Brand: Lowrance
  • Model: 000-14415-001
  • Weight: 5.85 pounds
  • Display size: 7-inch

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Factors to Consider When Buying S-Fish Finder GPS Combo Unit

In order to get the best device in the market, there are some key features to look at. These are discussed below to help you in making informed decisions when it comes to the best fish finder GPS combo unit.

  • Frequency

The frequency of fish finder is something important that should be considered. Those fishing in deep waters should buy a device with a low rate while those doing it in shallow places need a gadget with high frequencies. It is worth noting that those fish finders with higher frequencies show advanced details on display. 

  • Display

When it comes to the screens of the device, the readability is what matters the most. This is because all the information that is transmitted from underwater by fish finder will be seen on the screen. The display sizes vary from equipment to the other. The appropriate one will depend on your preference while factoring in portability and the ability to get information from smaller screens. Some are glare-resistant to allow anglers to read the information even under direct sunlight.

The other thing that needs to be considered is the color of the display. There are colored and black and white screens. The colored are preferred by many since the images are distinct and can be seen in a more realistic manner. Some still go for black and white as it depends on individual preference as long as you can spot what matters the most, the fish.

  • Water-resistance

It is always advisable to get fishing gear that is water-resistant. This is because there is a high chance of getting water splashing on the boat as you continue with angling activities. When it comes to the best fish finder GPS combo unit, it should have a high water rating. This is mainly to those anglers who go on a kayak.

  • Size

The size of the device will dictate its display and the degree of portability. The medium size is well recommended as it is readable, portable, and cannot get lost easily. Despite being compact, a smaller one can get lost easily while a bigger one can be unnecessarily too bulky. To keep it safe, it is always good to buy a sizeable casing to store the gadget.

  • Water depth

The maximum depth of water on the place you want to fish will determine the appropriate device to use. Bigger lake and water bodies require fish finders that can take imaging and transmit them clearly in deep depths. Shallow waters will only call for those devices which work well there as big one will be a misuse of resources. Check to ensure the gadget you buy will work well in your favorite water body.

  • Additional features

Some fish finders stand out from the others as a result of extra features, which may increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Consider those gadgets with smartphone connectivity, in-built Wi-Fi, and preloaded maps. These additions can make a lot of difference when it comes to their functionality. Newer models tend to come with extra features that may not be present in older ones.


Q: What type of fish finder will work best for a small boat?

CHIRP sonar is the best option for small boats. Buy the device which compact and stress-free to mount. Those gadgets that can take side imaging will be a plus as they provide a lot more information on what is underwater.

Q: What maps can I get on GPS gadgets?

Different models come with distinct preloaded maps. Many of them have USA maps for lakes and other major water bodies. You can find those with 4,000 preferred fishing locations such as Lowrance HDS-7 LIVE – 7-inch Fish Finder.

Q: What are the benefits of side imaging?

Side imaging gives more detailed data on what is around the boat as you continue fishing. It uses more than one sonar beam, which is usually mounted on the sides to give more details using new viewing angles. 

Q: How does a fishfinder GPS combo device work?

GPS on fish finder picks up signals that are sent by various satellites around the earth. It then calculates to figure out the angle between the location of the spacecraft and the receiver and pinpoint the hotspot.  This calculation is converted to longitudes and latitudes, which show as a symbol I GPS fishfinder where your boat is.

The speed of the boat is then determined by the distance covered and the time taken from one point to the other. The chart shows the waypoints and the line in-between, which will guide you when navigation on the water body. The accuracy of your shipping will then depend on how closely you follow the path in-between two waypoints.

Q: How do I use the fish finder GPS Combo?

The first thing is to install the device on your boat. Once this is done, it is time to take it out on a fishing expedition. Start by studying the GPS charting capability and ensure you can interpret the signals received. Use the GPS menu and select your boat on the chart and start navigating through the lake. Follow the lines in between the waypoints for the best routes. 

As you navigate, start checking the screen to see what is underwater. Different color rep[resent distinct structures beneath the water. identify the fish and the objects using the returns on the screen. Drop the hook where the fish are and see whether you made a catch. After practicing using the gadget for a while, you will be more accurate in spotting the fish, and this translates to success in angling.

Features of the Six Top-Rated Fish Finder GPS Combo Units

Product Name Features More Info
Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fishfinder 
Keyed interface
CHIRP transducer
Clear scanning sonar
In-built flasher
Waypoint map
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Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder   Down imaging
Digital CHIRP sonar
Side imaging
Micro SD slot
In-built GPS
Switch fire sonar
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Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar
Precise scanning & superb connection
Cast up to 330 ft.
Scan up to 260ft
Data saved on the cloud
GPS onshore mapping
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Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder    Multi-touch interface
Chart plotter 
Total Scan™ transducer included
In-built GoFree™ Wi-Fi 
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Garmin Striker 4cv with transducer
In-built high sensitive GPS
CHIRP clearvu scanning sonar
In-built flasher
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Lowrance HDS-7 LIVE – 7-inch Fish Finder
3-in-1 active imaging
High-resolution multi-touch screen
Pre-loaded C-MAP
Smartphone integration
Color sonar
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Final Word

In order to get the best fish finder GPS Combo Units, you will have to be keen on the critical features and its cost. Some will go up to $1200 while there are those that cost $500. The added features may add value, although some gadgets are excellent at affordable prices. The Combos give more advanced and combined effectiveness to show and locate the fish. These definitely make fishing more successful and fun. 

The consideration should critically be made on the type and size of the display, frequency, and portability of the devices. The screen will determine how much information you get and whether it is readable or not. It is advisable to get a device with a display that can be read more efficiently and accurately. The frequency will depend on whether the water depth is deep or shallow. If you are fishing in shallow water, go for a device with a high rate, while if the water is profound low-frequency gadget will work just fine. 

If you are looking for a gadget that has a sturdy construction and easy to operate, then go for Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fishfinder. It has all the crucial features and will give long-lasting services. For those who want more and advanced maps and charts, Lowrance HDS-7 LIVE – 7-inch Fish Finder will be the best device to invest in. It has 4,000 preloaded maps that can be used across significant lakes and water bodies in the US. 

Precisely, all the models reviewed in this article give excellent services depending on your fishing needs. Check the features and pick one that will serve you well. Make an informed decision and make fishing successful and more fun.

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