Best Ice Fishing Lures in 2021 | Great catch even in frozen waters!

Just because the temperatures have dropped does not mean you stop your favorite outdoor activity. Anglers who do not get bothered about the seasonal changes will still enjoy fishing even on ice waters. But, this will require appropriate gears for it to be successful. Apart from keeping yourself warm using thick outfit and gloves, suitable lures are also needed. There are unique lures that are designed to work well in icy waters. 

However, thorough research is needed in order to identify the best ice fishing lures that will work incredibly for a particular environment. Anglers will need to understand the feeding habits, predatory instincts and the source of natural food in their fishing environment in order to pick the right artificial bait.  Nevertheless, to make your ice casting easier, we have reviewed six of the best lures in the market and given some tricks of successful angling in frozen waters. Read through and buy one that will change your snow fishing activity positively.

Top 6 Ice Fishing Lures in 2021 (Best Picks)

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Best Ice Fishing Lures

What Is A Fishing Lure?

A fishing lure is an imitation of live bait that is designed to draw the attention of the fish.  Those that are suitable to be used during the winter season are known as ice fishing lures. The lures use color, flash, vibration and movement to attract a catch. They have hooks which can be more than one that traps fish as they bite the artificial bait. Fishing line is typically used to throw in the lures which are attached at the end. Once the fish has been hooked, the anglers will remove the string and probably celebrate their catch.

Types of Ice Fishing Lures

There are different types of lures that can be used in frozen waters. Here are the three options that anglers can choose:

  • Swimming Lures

These are lures that are designed to look like live bait that sink faster and assume horizontal positions in the water. They are perfect in ice water, especially near dusk or dawn when the water is more explicit. They trigger a bite from the fish by darting around with erratic movements over structures or weed beds, given a suitable jigging motion. Pounding techniques can be used, and if the depths of waters are deep, then swimming lures are recommended. 

  • Spoons

Spoon lures come in various weights, shapes and sizes and they work using the same action to attract a catch. They usually have a slightly concave or flat shape and work well in clear water conditions. Spoons attract fish by vibrating and giving a lot of flashes that imitates a fleeing or dying baitfish through jigging or just dropping it in the water column.

  • Jigs

Jigs can be combined with live bait and will work correctly on frozen water. They are used as the other lures or alternatively by passively dead stacked on the bottom or lower it under afloat. For it to work well, the jig should be dropped to the depth where the fish are found and trying to check how they will be attracted to it. 

Detailed Review of the Best Ice Fishing Lures

The lures that can be used in frozen water are many in the market. This makes it challenging to pick one without a thorough review. But reviewing each and every one of them can be a tiresome process and can even land you a wrong choice. But, we have done much work for you and presented the best six to make it stress-free in picking one. Read through to understand them and choose accordingly.

01- PLUSINNO Fishing Lures

Plusinno is an incredible package that comes with 102 set in a tackle box. This includes a large variety of bait, metal spinning lures, covering crankbaits, topwater fishing frog lures, several plastic worms and spinnerbaits. Apart from the artificial baits, it has the necessary accessories to make ice casting an incredible experience. The accessories included are hooks, weight sinkers, jig head, barrel swivel, line stopper, and free tackle which can be used both in freshwater and saltwater.

The lures are superiorly designed to entice much fish and incite targeted catch to bite. The crankbaits have super-realistic paint with 3D eyes which makes it look lifelike. The plastic worms, on the other hand, come in three different sizes and styles with a maximum length of 14cm. from this package, you can choose the one that is suitable for the specific fishing environment. The double-layer tackle box is well portable and organized in such a way that getting the exact fishing gear is easy. This brand can be trusted with 12 months warranty which is quite an excellent assurance to all that go for these products. 

Key Features

  • 102 piece set that contains everything needed in ice fishing
  • Include a tackle box that is portable and easy to use
  • Lifelike crankbait designed with super-realistic paint and 3D eyes which attract the catch easily


  • Brand: Plusinno
  • Quantity: 102 pcs fishing lure tackle
  • Suitability: Both fresh and saltwater 

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02- Tbuymax fishing lures

Tbuymax fishing lures come in 10pcs set top-quality kit with mixed sizes and bright colours. The big fish are attracted by these life-like lures that swim in the water. There is a sharp treble hook for each trout lure that has glowingly coloured strike-attractor sleeves that spin in water mimicking preys. The different degree of vibration and flash produced by the blades attract both trout and bass fish. 

The tackle box is also included to make it easy when packing and replacing the contents. The pack can be used both in saltwater and freshwater to catch salmon, northern pike, walleye, trout and bass. This gives you value for money as it can be used for various type of angling.

Key features

  • One sharp treble hook for each to trap the predator
  • Coloured bright which attract even the big fish
  • Life-like swimming in water that perfectly mimics real baits
  • A new perfect design which makes it effective


  • Brand: TB Tbuymax
  • Quantity: 10pcs fishing spinners 
  • Material: metal 
  • Length: 6.5 – 7.6 cm 
  • Weight: 7g * 5 , 8g * 5 
  • Packing: 2 Plastic boxes, 10pcs bass trout fishing lures 

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03- Dynamic Lures HD

Dynamic lures HD is the most versatile ice angling lure that comes in nine different colors. These are enough options to choose from, depending on the type of fish targeted. It has a hollow construction that combines sound and action perfectly which makes it irresistible to many kinds of fish. 

The hollow construction does not hinder its performance as it rapidly and responsively sinks in water. The front and back have two triple hooks so as to ensure you do not miss the trap. They work well in enticing the carp, walleye, trout, and bass. Buy this tiny 2 inches long with 0.48 ounces lure and make fishing in frozen water seamlessly smooth.

Key Features

  • Lightweight with rapid and responsiveness sinking
  • Hollow construction for a perfect combination of action and sound 
  • Nine different colors available
  • Hooks at front and back which makes it effective


  • Brand: Dynamic lures
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Colors: 9
  • Quantity: 1

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04- Goture jigs

Goture jogs are designed with 3D simulation scales and eyes that make it life-like. This, coupled with bright colour, the device will attract the fish and catch it with high-quality hooks made of steel. The steel is durable and corrosion-free, making Goture perfect for both salty and fresh water. 

The minnow body design creates an attractive circular swimming action which is quite laudable in enticing the predators. Never will this lure miss a catch as the hook in both front and back are very sharp with another at the abdomen. Once the predator bites the trap, it will be almost impossible for it to escape. You get to choose from four pieces with different colour depending on your target catch. Jigging will never be the same again with Goture ice fishing lures.

Key Features

  • 3D simulation scales with bright colors that attract the predators
  • 3D stereoscopic eyes which entice the fish
  • Well-balanced to create circular swimming action
  • 4 pieces of lures with different colors


  • Brand: Goture
  • Quantity: 4
  • Colours: 4

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05- Sougayilang Fishing Lures

These fishing lures come in 10 pieces of varying shade weighing 1.6 g each. They attract fish easily with the verisimilar body and 3D eyes, which makes them look almost real. You get to choose one from ten bright colours according to the target predator. If you are fishing in salty water, this device can work well while maintaining its durability. This makes it appropriate for both freshwater and saltwater. 

The in-built gravity ball makes jigging easier with a treble hook that will not let the catch escape. The Sougayiland is undoubtedly the best lures as it can be used to catch different species including trout, Muskie, walleye, crappie and panfish. Get one and use on different predators with a high rate of success.

Key Features

  • 10 pieces which give significant options
  • Bright colours and lifelike features that makes it more enticing
  • Treble hooks and gravity ball for easy jigging and proper catch
  • ABS material construction that makes it durable


  • Brand: Sougayilang
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces
  • Quantity: 10
  • Colours: 10

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06- Acme Kastmaster Lure

This lure is a spoon like that produces rough action without line twist. The aerodynamic design makes it perfect for both small and big predators which are found in both freshwater and saltwater. The lure has a treble hook with a robust solid brass design that won’t rust, bend or break. Even on salty water, the device will maintain its golden look, making it long-lasting.

Key Features

  • A plain treble hook which does not miss the catch
  • Balanced spoon with rough cation
  • Made of solid brass which is robust and long-lasting
  • Maintains its golden colour even in salty water


  • Brand: Kastmaster
  • Model: SW11/G
  • Colour: Gold

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Factors to Be Considered In Order To Get the Best Ice Fishing Lures – Buying Guide

In order to succeed in ice fishing, you need to get the best lure in the market. Every avid angler needs to consider the following factors to get the right bait:

  • Colour

Colour of the bait is essential for the success in ice fishing. However, there are crucial things that will help you to pick the right colour depending on your environment and target predator. These are discussed below:

Time of the year: checking the time of the year is essential before picking a lure. The snowpack is not an issue during the early or late winter season, and therefore primary colour which is not so bright can be used. During this period the snow is still thin, and a lot of light can even travel far making primary colours work just perfectly.

However, if the season is midway or the snow is denser then brighter colours and luminescent are needed. This applies to gloomy weather as the fish see more brilliant colours more easily in poor illumination and will be attracted better.

Clarity of water: Primary colours usually work well in a more transparent liquid. One coloured jig should be used preferably black, olive, white, brown, grey or beige. For the muddy water, contrasting coloured lures are the best.  Those with luminescent or bright colour with metallic flash will work perfectly well in gloomy waters. Make the same choice as that for muddy water when there is cloud cover or during darker times.

Depth of water: the extent of the water is something that will determine the appropriate colour of the lure to be used. Generally, the deeper the water, the darker it becomes. This is due to the wavelength of colour and light. Colours such as orange, yellow and red will appear grey deeper depth. Using these colours, therefore, may not be productive. Blue and green can go deeper without changing the shade; therefore, this can be used. However, the perfect ones will be luminescent colours which will maintain its originality even at the bottom of great depths. 

Fish aggressiveness level: the energy levels of the fish in ice keep changing depending on the time of the year. Start and end of the winter season the fish will appear more energetic and using brighter and flashy colours will be productive. In mid-season, the fish will be less active and may appear lazy. Using natural colour may entice them better than the brighter ones. Know how to engage fish during all season round for a fantastic experience. 

  • Fish species

Not all the fish species will survive in frozen waters. Therefore, you may be dealing with a few types of ice fishing. Walleye is the common species that can be found in ice waters and thus getting a lure that targets them is essential. These species move quickly underneath, and therefore one should get a lure with sharp and useful hooks. You should also be prepared to catch more at the same time using different lines since they move in groups. The trick chosen for walleye can as well catch sauger species as they are typically found in the same area and behave more or less the same.

Northern pike is another species that do not go deep in the waters. They swim just beneath the ice waiting to feed on small sauger or walleye fish. Catching this type of fish is an excellent achievement as they are known to be wild. Therefore anglers will need strong and durable lures if they target Northern pike. 

Another popular species is the trout. They do not move in groups, and therefore anglers need to examine the area of fishing thoroughly to ensure it supports them before throwing in a lure. Panfish behave the same way, and proper location with the right bait will produce positive results. 

In essence, getting different types of lures is essential is not targeting specific species. Alternatively, an enticement that can attract different kinds of predators will be a perfect choice. One should study the area well in order to throw the right lure for a productive and well-calculated catch.


Q: Can fishing lures be reused?

Fortunately, the lures can be used more than once, depending on their durability. As long as they are not damaged, then they can be taken on the next trip. If the lure has been damaged or the colour has faded, then it is time to replace them. Carrying many baits during an angling excursion in frozen waters is always advisable just in case some got damaged and render them inoperative. 

Q: What is the best colour for artificial baits?

Generally, the brighter colours are preferred for dense snow, dark and deep waters. This is because they tend to maintain the colours and get reflected more easily. However, when the snow is thin, and the sun is bright above the sky, the primary colours can work perfectly well. Understanding the fishing environment is critical in choosing an appropriate tone.

Q: Which is the appropriate lure for walleye?

The walleye are known to be aggressive; therefore, swimming lures with sturdy hooks are good to start with. Jig lures with flash vibration can also work well in enticing the fish. Generally, get a string lure that deeper in waters as walleye regularly swim in groups and do not like staying just beneath the ice. Those that remain beneath are the small ones. 

Q: Why is a unique lure required during the winter season? 

The water during the winter season is clearer, which means there is more visibility beneath the ice. The lures, therefore, should be life-like in order to attract predators. These make the fish less suspicious and are likely to bite the bait. There are also fierce and ferocious fish in ice water that requires sturdy and durable lures to ensure the catch does not break away after being hooked up.

Features of top-rated ice fishing lures

# Product Name Features More Info
1 PLUSINNO Fishing Lures
120pcs fishing lures tackle box
Well accessorised
Lifelike crankbaits
Plastic worms of different sizes and style
12 months warranty
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2 Tbuymax fishing lures
10pcs fishing lures
Brightly coloured 2 plastic packing boxes
Made of metal
Sharp treble hook for each lure
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3 Dynamic Lures HD
1 piece Weighs 0.48 ounces
Hooks at front and back
Nine different bright colours available
Hollow construction
Check Latest Price
4 Goture jigs   3D fish scales
3D eyes
Sharp hooks 4 pieces
Minnow body design
Check Latest Price
5 Sougayilang Fishing Lures
10pcs set
Gravity ball
Treble hooks
ABS material construction
Verisimilar boy
3D holographic eyes
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6 Acme Kastmaster Lure
Plain treble hook
Made of solid brass
Golden in colour
Balanced spoon
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Final Word

Ice fishing can be fun and successful with the right gear. You need first to focus on your safety as the frozen waters present their own challenges which anglers should be aware of.  Once the appropriate equipment is in place, it is time to look for ways to make the trip a success. In most cases, a positive accomplishment will mean catching more fish with the minimum effort possible. For this to happen, the best ice fishing lures are essential. 

The lure will work by enticing the fish to bite and hooking it up. To produce positive results, the right bait that works well during the winter season should be bought. You can choose one from the ones reviewed here, and the success is guaranteed. However, you need to understand the time of the year in order to select the right colour. This is because the perfect colour will differ based on the weather conditions and thickness of the snow. 

The fish species targeted will also determine the type o the lure that should be put in the tackle box. Getting bait that works well across all types of fish will save on cost and work perfectly well. However, it is always advisable to carry along different kinds of lures so as to have enough choices in case you keep missing a catch with a particular one. It is advisable to try various types in different areas to ensure you do not go home empty-handed. Try any of the reviewed in your next ice fishing trip and join us in celebrating how great these lures are in the success of winter season angling.

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