Can You Buy A Fishing License At Walmart? Everything You Need To Know

Fishing is a fantastic activity that helps you relax and bond with your family as you enjoy the outdoors. Before you head out fishing, always ensure you have all that you need for a pleasant experience. You will need a good quality reel and rod, a good bait, and a valid fishing license.

You can buy a fishing license at any Walmart store with a sports and outdoor section. The license prices vary depending on the state you are in your age, and your residency status.

Walmart is among the largest retailer in the United States, and the government has authorized them to issue fishing licenses on their behalf for ease of accessibility. The fishing license from Walmart is legal and just the same as what you would get from the state.

How Much Is A Fishing License From Walmart?

How Much Is A Fishing License From Walmart

The fishing license price varies depending on your age, duration of the license, and residential status. In most states, people living with a disability can request a free fishing license. Active military persons, senior citizens, and veterans can also get free fishing licenses or discounts.

Here’s a summary of the cost of fishing licenses at Walmart; these prices may vary in some states. The variance is because, in states such as Texas and Virginia, the charges are also based on the type of water and fish you aim to catch. If you want to fish in salty water in Texas, you will pay an extra $5. In Virginia, you will pay an extra $9.50 and apply for a separate license to fish species such as trout, sunfish, redfish, fish flounder, and cobia.

Price IndicatorLicense Cost
A regular license for residents age 16-65$19
Discounted license for senior citizens age 66 and older$10
Annual fishing license for non-resident$40
Single-day license for residents and non-residents$11
3-day tourist fishing license$19
Cost of a duplicate license$ 4

How Can I Obtain A Walmart Fishing License?

How Can I Obtain A Walmart Fishing License

With Walmart, you are assured of convenience, and you can get your license without a hassle in several ways.

1. Visiting A Nearby Store- you can get your fishing license from Walmart as you shop for your weekly or monthly supplies. It is easy to visit a store near you and ask for assistance from the sports and outdoor staff. When going to buy the license, all you need is your identification document and proof of residency.

2. Online Application – applying for your license online is fast and convenient, especially when you don’t have time to visit the store. It involves placing your order, proving your identity, and paying online. You can use your card to pay online and print out the license when you need to use it. Amid a pandemic, this is the safest and easiest method, and we highly recommend it.

3. Via Phone – in some states, you have the option to call and give your details over a phone call and get your license. After you pay for the license, Walmart sends you a reference number, and you can use this to go fishing before you get the actual license. The license can then be picked at the store or printed out at home.

4. Via Mail– you can choose to go the old-school way and get your license via mail. This method will take longer and is only viable if your fishing trip is not right away. 

Why Do I Need To Buy A Fishing License?

Have you ever questioned the benefits of getting a fishing license? A fishing license might sound like such a rip off especially if you don’t know why it is necessary. Let’s take you through the importance of the license. This information will make you rejoice each time you pay for a license before fishing.

Firstly, fishing without a license in the united states is considered a crime; getting a license will help you ensure you are on the safe side of the law. When you pay for the license, you get a handbook with the dos and don’ts of fishing. These will ensure you are safe even as you undertake this fun adventure. The handbook also has instructions on the fishing limits to help preserve the population of fish.

A fishing license is the government’s way to curb illegal fishing. Since these licenses are affordable, fishers opt to pay to avoid the risk of hefty fines if they are caught in violation of the rules. Getting a license also helps fund marine life research and finances the wildlife department’s activities to preserve ponds, lakes, and other fish habitats.

The proceeds from fishing license fees also help to pay for education programs and protect marine resources. Fishing piers and boat launches are also maintained and financed by these funds

Things To Keep In Mind

You can get a fishing license from Walmart for your hobby or occupation. Always ensure you abide by the terms and conditions provided by your state or where you reside. Here are some things you need to know before you head out fishing

1. A fishing license is a mandatory requirement in all states

2. The cost of the fishing license may vary depending on the location and specifications of where you want to fish

3. Walmart charges a processing fee that is about 50 cents

4. No tests are taken for you to get a fishing license

5. When fishing, take care of the environment: do not litter


A fishing license is now a mandatory requirement for both business and leisure fishing. Getting your license is essential for a stress-free fishing experience. When you get your license, you are also contributing to the conservation of the land and water. Before you embark on your fishing journey, ensure you have a valid license.

Getting your license at Walmart is fast and convenient. All you need is proof of residence, your ID, and the license fee. If you plan to go fishing often, we recommend the annual license since it is cheaper in the long run. Happy fishing!

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