Difference Between Hiking And Walking

Walking can simply be explained as a casual activity performed in a more urban environment or probably on a road. Hiking can be better referred by being taken to the trails and staying out to engage yourself more in a natural setting. Thus, hiking is achieved when there is some change of elevation such as reaching a summit.

Comparing Energy And Effort Needed For Hiking And Walking

As some of us are aware that hiking needs more energy compared to walking because the topography on the hiking tracks are more challenging. Your body utilizes more effort to pass on irregular, mountainous roads as you hike. However, it can only be referred to as walking when less energy are being utilized due to the fact that the roads you are taking are even and does not have to be mountainous or precipitous  

Perfect Places For Walking And Hiking

In order to shed excess fat in the body and also burn calories in a pleasurable and thrilling way, you consider walking and hiking. Thus, for these kinds of activities to be performed, you need to look out for an ideal and safe place. You enjoy maximum benefits when you perform these simple activities in well-chosen correct places. Walking is being performed on the surfaces by passing along the beach, moving from places to places or just around the house, and moving on concrete or asphalt, stone. It is pretty much easier to walk because the movement is constant and you may decide not to walk too far. However, hiking is simply walking on certain tracks in outdoor spaces like hills, mountains, and parks.

A Walk In The Park

When I was young, I did my first walk in the park. Walking in a breezy park full of trees and flowers stimulate a good and positive vibe. You have the opportunity to free your mind from stress or whatever that is bothering you and breathe fresh air. This will definitely make you forget your problems. You will feel the fresh atmosphere while you perform brisk walk or casual walk. Also, walking in the park will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence you have the chance of meeting people both within and outside your neighborhood. You enjoy quiet time and more of peace when you walk in the park. It is extremely infrequent to enjoy all of these natural endowments while you are in the city. My experience walking in the park worth a day tour and was very relaxing.

Walk Along The Beach

Being in a peaceful environ in nothing to be compared with as you listen to the waves of the seashore while your body become warmed by the sun and the wind is blowing you with a cool breeze. A lot of benefits are provided when you walk barefooted on the sand. Apart from the fact that you will feel the earth on your feet, the underneath of your feet will also be massaged by the sand which stimulates lymphatic and venous veins circulation. Also, the sea helps in decreasing stress level, build up the immune system, boosts the respiratory system and provides quietness and tranquility. When your body is in seawater, it absorb oxygen better because saltwater carries negative ions. It also help in the stimulation of positive physiological fluctuations.

Hiking Uphill Or Downhill

We are all aware that hiking is one of the best form of exercise. Moving uphill and getting to the peak is a major attainment while moving downhill is not essential. Based on research, when you hike uphill muscle-shortening exercise is performed while hiking downhill is muscle-strengthening. However, both downhill and uphill hiking help to boost glucose tolerance, controls blood sugar and reduce bad cholesterol level by 10%.

Always ensure you pay serious attention to your knee whenever you are hiking downhill. Try as much as possible to walk slowly, do not jump at all, smaller steps are encouraged, never move straight down the hill and take zigzag route if you have the opportunity.

Hiking In The Mountain

The beautiful thing about mountain hiking is being linked with nature. Research shows that activities done outside are excellent for mental well-being, reduced the level of anger and tension, increased energy level, and reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Hiking in the mountains allows you to regulate your speed and pace. It is not expected of you to rush or be in a hurry, you are not in a racing competition. All you have to do is just to enjoy the pure air at the apex of the mountain and the beautiful nature   your 100 percent in charge of your hiking period. You always have the chance to increase the intensity or length whether you want it long or short.

Clothing Needed For Walking And Hiking

It is however important to put on the right clothing when you indulge yourself in walking and hiking because you cannot predict the weather and terrain and how they will affect your activities. You may decide to go for a walk with your jean and skirt in as much you are convenient.

It is essential to have the right clothes to use in hiking and walking because you never can tell how the weather and terrain can affect your activity.  You can go for a walk even with your jeans and shirt as long as you are comfortable. It is greatly dependent on the type of walk you are taking. When taking a long walk in the park, you will be needing these things listed below.

Optional Kit For Walking

Some walking supplements you have to bring if needed:

1. Sunglasses with good UVA/UVB filtering

2. Sunscreen

3. Map and compass or a GPS

4. Emergency Whistle

5. Small First Aid Kit

6. Mobile Phone, power bank, or extra battery

7. Some coins for a public phone

8. Drinks and Snacks

9. Gloves

10. Torch and flashlight

11. Extra pair of socks

12. MP3 player

13. An extra bottle of water

Required Gear For Hiking

List of essential things you must bring:

1. Backpack

2. Identification Card (ID)

3. Shoes or boots designed for the length and terrain of your hike

4. Extra socks

5. Mid / Heavy-weight fleece or pile jacket

6. Extra jacket and pants

7. Wool or fleece hat

8. Balaclava

9. Gloves

10. Water: full canteens and container, water bottles or hydration pack

11. Extra food: high energy snack bars

12. Trail Map or Guidebook

13. Compass or GPS

14. Emergency Blanket

15. Waterproof matches or fire starter

16. Pocket knife

17. Flashlight or headlamp together with new batteries, extra batteries

18. Storm Whistle (for emergency purposes)

19. A small mirror (for emergency purposes)

20. A few yards of cord

21. Watch

22. First aid kit

23. Personal medications

24. Moleskin that you could use for blisters

25. Insect repellent

26. Sun protection like sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen

27. Baseball style hat / Wide-brimmed hat or baseball-style hat for protection against harmful rays of the sun

28. Some zip-lock bags

29. Napkins for women in case of monthly period

30. Toilet paper wrapped in a plastic bag

31. Money

Benefits Of Walking

Good Form of Exercise: Research has proven that when you walk, you are not only benefiting physically but also emotionally. Having to walk for 30-45 minutes a day can go a long in fighting ailments, despair and enhancing your self-confidence. 

Increase Life Expectancy: we all wish to live longer, however we must consider to do more of walking. It is a known fact that walking decreases blood sugar level in the body, heart diseases, anxiety and assists you in losing weight 

Cost-effective: The beautiful aspect of walking is that have the opportunity of saving extra cash on petrol and car cost just like car insurance.  

Benefits Of Hiking

Connection to Mother Earth: Checking out the stunning scenery and natural view is one of the important benefits of hiking you can enjoy. In addition, you can visit some wonderful parks outside the city that provide a beautiful landscape.

Keeping the Body Fit and Strong: when you indulge in hiking, you get to enjoy health benefits such as weight loss, reduced anxiety level etc.

In a nutshell, talking about hiking versus walking, they are both forms of healthy exercise but there is a slight difference between them. Walking can be performed anywhere for any duration of time that suits you. Walking is far convenient and easier than hiking. Contrastingly, hiking needs you to be experienced and be done in a natural environment. Hiking does more of calorie reduction and is also a thrilling hobby.

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