Which Are The Best Running Headphones Of 2022?

Choosing the ideal headphones for running is not as easy as most people perceive it. Some people prefer running on a treadmill, while others prefer to run outdoors like parks, roads, or any open area. Runners prefer to listen to music using headphones as it helps them run better and longer. Listening to music when running is the best distraction, but it is best to be aware of the surroundings and their happenings if running on the roads. Headphones such as truly wireless earbuds and boss soundsport are a perfect companion for any runner.

Water Resistant Or Wireless Headphones – Which Is The Best?

Water Resistant Or Wireless Headphones

It doesn’t matter how often you run; there is nothing as good as getting the best headphones for running to be more enjoyable. Choosing the best headphones is essential, especially those which are water and sweat-resistant. 

Non-water-resistant headphones spoil easily as they get mixed with sweat and sometimes rain. These days wireless headphones are available, and it’s the best option, plus it has a long-lasting battery. This article will highlight the best headphones for running. Keep reading!

The Best 5 Running Headphones Of All Time

Best 5 Running Headphones Of All Time

1. Truly Wireless Earbuds

As the name suggests, Truly wireless earbuds do not have wires and ear hooks. Runners plug in the earbuds to listen to music. It is designed so that the fit is snug in the ear canal and will not loosen mid-run. It is small, hence making it lightweight and easier to carry. 

The earbuds battery is small, meaning it will need to charge often. However, the earbuds come with charging cases that runners can use to charge the earbuds while running. The earbuds are the most expensive and are available in black and white.

 Four earphones are available; the first is Linkbuds Truly Wireless Earbuds, which cost around $180 on Amazon. The second one is WF-1000XM4- industry-leading Noise-canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds, and it costs approximately $280 on Amazon. Since these earphones are noise-canceling, they should be used when running on a treadmill or in a quiet, peaceful area where there isn’t much happening in the surroundings. The third type is WF-C500 Truly Wireless In-Ear headphones, and it costs $100 on Amazon. The last type is WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless in-Ear Noise Cancelling headphones with a microphone cost approximately $200 on Amazon. Because it is noise-canceling earphones, it shouldn’t be used when running in public places. 

All these earphones are water-resistant and have HI-RES audio.

2. Bose SoundSport Wireless

The name is wireless, but these earphones aren’t completely wireless. There is a soft cable that connects the two earbuds. It has an in-ear hook that secures the buds in the ears, which is an advantage because it won’t get lost easily. The cable is lightweight, making it easy to run. It is sweat-resistant and is IPX4 splashproof, but it isn’t water-resistant. 

Its performance is more than up to the mark, and the battery lasts for six hours. It is not noise-canceling earphones; hence runners can invest in them. It doesn’t have an in-line remote and mic and is supported by Android and IOS. 

It connects via Bluetooth, is comfortable, has a fun sound, and has strong wireless performance. Its cost is approximately $130 on Amazon.

3. JBL Reflect Flow

These earbuds slip comfortably into the ear and have ergonomic silicone tips. The earbuds come in three different sizes and are heavy hitters. The sound features 5.8mm drivers meaning it gives high-quality audio when running. It comes with a charging case that lasts up to twenty hours when using the portable case. 

The battery life of the earbuds is thirty hours. The earbuds are noise-canceling but have an Ambient Aware feature that adapts to the surrounding. It is safe to use these earbuds when running in public. 

The earbuds are hands-free calls and allow access to voice assistants. Runners can manage music and calls easily and get any info from their voice assistant at the touch of a button.

 Its price is about $75 on Amazon, and it is a teal color. The earbuds are OS support; hence, IOS and Android users can use them. 

It is water and sweat-resistant and is completely wireless. The disadvantage of the earbuds is that it has pressed buttons instead of touch, the product can be beaten for dynamics, and the carrying case is a bit big.

4. Jabra Elite Active 75T

Jabra Elite measures 0.8× 0.7× 0.6 inches, which are medium-sized and weigh about 2 ounces, making it lightweight. Its battery life is 7.5 hours and lasts up to 28 hours with the charging case. It comes with a Bluetooth range of 30 feet and is water and sweat-resistant, making it suitable for all weather types. 

The earphones protect against dust and shallow water. Its sound is loud, doesn’t budge when running, and has in-app audio customization. 

Both active and passive noise cancellation make the runner aware of the surroundings. The only reason to avoid these earphones is that their volume is too loud at max volume.

The earbuds look sleek, compact, and stylish. It has a great fit that stays planted securely in the ears. Its cost is around $165 on Amazon. 

5. Adidas FWD-01 Sport In-Ear Headphones

These earphones are smart enabled and are compatible. The earphones are sweat-resistant but not water-resistant; hence can’t be used when the weather isn’t favorable. Its battery lifespan is 16 hours, but unfortunately, these earphones don’t come with a charging case, so it requires to be charged via USB. 

However, the earphones are accompanied by three sets of interchangeable tips and wings, allowing them to get the best fit. It connects via Bluetooth and isn’t noise-canceling, so the runner knows the surroundings. 

Since it is lightweight, you can easily store it in a bag. It has buttons on the cable so runners can switch songs while running. Its cost is about $96 on Amazon and has a 4.4/5 rating. Most of the reviews are positive but have a few negative reviews. 

Some complain that the earbuds come small for those with bigger heads, and their sound quality isn’t great. Also, the sound isn’t balanced as other models.

Some of these products are available on Amazon, but you can order others directly from their respective websites.

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