Why Are Some Fat People Fast at Running?

Many of us perceive that fat people cannot be fit; hence they can’t run faster. Being healthy, lean, supple, and skinny is necessary, but this isn’t true. Some doctors say that fat people face health issues in the long run, although studies have proved otherwise. They are cardiovascularly healthy and live longer. Being fat does not mean one is overweight; they have a lot of muscle fiber in their body, making them look fat. If fat people exercises and run regularly, they run faster than their lean counterparts.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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What Contributes to Being Fat and Overweight?

What Contributes To Being Fat And Overweight

Although, some people exercise regularly and are overweight not because they eat a lot but because of other health issues that are not in their control. Many suffer from PCOS (primarily women), diabetes, thyroid, and many more.

These diseases make people gain weight despite exercising regularly. Some people suffer from immense stress, stopping the body from producing certain hormones that aid in weight loss. But because overweight people exercise and run daily, they are fast at running.

Every health problem has a solution; the most prominent answer is changing lifestyle. Many people change their eating habits; if they are non-vegetarian, they opt for vegetarian or vegan food. They also prefer homemade food other than eating outside. Homemade food includes healthy options such as fruits and vegetables high in protein and fiber instead of junk food rich in carbohydrates. 

Real Reasons Why Some Fat People Run Faster

 Why Some Fat People Run Faster

Fat people can run faster than lean people because they have the necessary ingredients such as higher VO2 Max, greater lactate threshold, and better running economy. Experience and genes play a vital role.

Here are a few reasons why fat people run faster:

Setting a Goal

Fat people set a goal and stick to it. At first, they make short-term goals, and after achieving those, they make long-term goals. 

They start with running for a few minutes and practice that daily. Within a week, they increase their time and keep practicing. In a month, they are running almost three kilometers daily. Being constant is the main ingredient in staying focused and building a body.

Being Realistic

Some people set goals that aren’t realistic. A beginner and someone who gets tired in the first minute cannot run one kilometer in a few minutes. These people set short-term realistic goals and break the short goals into mini-goals. An example of a mini-goal is running for five minutes nonstop daily, and these goals help in being focused and motivated.


Fat people become good at running and can run faster because they practice daily. After all, much practice is required to be good at what they do. Practicing running every day makes a huge difference and betters their performance. 

A consistent person can run three kilometers after a month within a short period, yet they ran for five minutes initially. It is better to take a long and work at attainable goals instead of a short time to reach a particular goal.

Rhythmic Breathing

Fat people practice rhythmic breathing as it is vital and aids in running better and faster. Generally, when running, a person gets breathless in less than ten seconds as a beginner. By practicing rhythmic breathing, they can run faster without gasping for air.

Rhythmic breathing requires a person to breathe in for three steps of running and then breath out for the next two steps. Any foot that hits the ground is considered a step. It aids in changing the leg that they are breathing out on. 

The impact on the joints is felt when breathing out during a run. The technique is excellent for improving lung capacity and enables a runner to run faster and longer.

As time goes by, they practice breathing a little harder. Runners breathe in for two steps and breath out for the next step. The technique helps when running uphill and aids with side stitches. It takes time to get acclimated, but constant practice makes them professionals.

Leg Day

Fat people run faster because they do leg exercises. It is crucial to make leg muscles strong, which isn’t achieved by running. Weight lifts are vital to strengthening the muscle, and it helps burn fat. Having stronger leg muscles helps one to run faster.

Physical therapists also recommend the muscle strengthening technique. Some fat people do strength and muscle endurance exercises, which is why they run faster.

Working In Sprints

Fat people usually practice running in sprints; hence, they run fast. Sprints vary for people; for some, a sprint can be up to two minutes per hour, whereas for some, it is five, and with time, the sprint increases. 

With constant sprinting, runners can run faster and complete a goal in a short period. Some runners can run fast (9.0 on a treadmill for a minute), walk for two minutes, and repeat it for twenty minutes. Runners start with five minutes warm-up and end with a five-minute cool-down walk for a good half-hour workout.

The runners only rest for thirty seconds with consistency before resuming the running. The above works differently for everyone because body types differ. The main thing is to practice frequently and increase sprints with time.

Taking A Break

Fat people or anyone who works out or runs daily needs a break from exercising. A two-day minimum break is required as the body must rest. It is imperative to listen to the body and take a break when it asks for it. 

Runners or people who exercise frequently shouldn’t feel guilty when a day passes without working out. But they shouldn’t take an extended break because it will be hard to get back into the routine. 

The Bottom Line

Fat people celebrate their accomplishments regardless of whether it is big or small. It is suitable for them to reward themselves after achieving a small or big goal that they thought wasn’t possible. Rewarding themselves motivates them to do better and accomplish more. Everyone’s body can achieve incredible things if changes are made, starting from small. 

Along with all this, it is necessary to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and avoid stress. Stressing can mess up hormones, and that’s why people gain weight. Eat small portions and live a happy and healthy life.

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