How To Get Out Boots Stuck in The Mud With The Aid Of A Boot Jack

Ever been stuck in the mud? Probably you were taking a stroll in the woods on a rainy day, and your boots got stuck. It must have been hectic, right? The panic, the inconvenience, the struggle, and the constant worry of having to leave your beloved boots behind and walk on bare feet. We have all been there, we hated the experience, and we wished there was a portable tool that we could use to remove our precious boots. Fun fact, that tool exists. And as they always say, once bitten twice shy. It would be best to buy it before hiking in the mud next time.

Which Tool Can Be Used To Remove Boots Stuck In Mud? 

Removing mud-stuck boots has been one of the biggest challenges in the past. This problem can be attributed to their height. Nonetheless, there are simple ways to remove boots without causing stress, one of which is utilizing a boot jack.

 A boot jack is a U-shaped gadget that makes removing your boots a breeze.

The U-shaped aperture captures the heel of your combat boots, then puts your weight on the other end of the tool, which usually is your other leg. You next take your feet out of the cowboy boots while the other leg keeps the boot jack in place.

After that, repeat the same with the other foot. 

You’re undoubtedly seeking to invest in a nice boot jack as a boot owner. As a result, you’re looking for the finest boot jack for any boots.

Well, this article will make things easy for you because we’ve hand-picked some of the best boot jacks, but first, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should use a boot jack.

Benefits Of Using A Boot Jack

1. Saves You Time

Everyone values their time, and you would want to spend it doing something useful than struggling to remove your boots.

You wouldn’t want to waste time removing your boots if there was no end in sight.

Trying to get it off your feet would be a waste of time and energy. Even if you have nothing to do, you will likely want to sleep after a hard day. However, you can swiftly remove your cowboy boots with your boot jack and get back to doing other things that demand your focus.

2. It Helps To Keep Your Back Healthy.

Another advantage of removing your cowboy boots using a boot jack is that it protects your back. Bending or leaning to remove your shoes or even cowboy boots is a common practice. 

By employing a boot jack, you can spare yourself some back discomfort. If your back suffers after a long day, for example, you might wish to invest in a boot jack for your boots. You wouldn’t have to bend down to remove your shoes if you used a boot jack. As a result, you avoid the difficulty of having to sit or bend over to remove the shoes.

You also won’t get your hands dirty trying to remove the muddy boots from your feet. While standing up straight and extending your back, your legs and the boot jack make all the effort.

3. It Helps In The Removal Of Boots With Convenience

One of the most common reasons individuals use boot remover is to make it easier to remove their shoes. A boot jack, of course, performs this correctly.

Boots may be tough to put on and even more challenging to take off, mainly when no side zippers help. And they’re typically stiff, which makes the operation much more complex, so you have to press your feet inside.

Furthermore, it gets much more difficult to remove after a long day. And we don’t think anyone wants to fight with removing their boots for a few minutes after a hard day.

That is why boot jacks were invented to make things easier.

4. Helps Maintain The Condition Of Your Boots

You might have the temptation of using the back doorstep or the toe of your other foot to assist you in pulling your boots off your feet, but this isn’t going to improve your boot. It concentrates all of the pressure in one spot, weakening the rubber in one location and causing splits and cracks in your boots. A nice pair of technical boots may cost a lot of money, so they’re worth looking after.

Best Boot Jacks For Removing Your Muddy Shoes Easily

1. Premium Boot Puller for Jobsite

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This model has a textured surface, heavy-duty plastic construction, and a gripping rubber bumper to avoid scuffs.

It’s waterproof and UV-resistant, and it’s made to fit a variety of boot types.

It also works great for folks with back issues who wish to remove their boots without leaning over. Not only will it work for muddy gumboots, but it will also work for any other footwear that will not come off quickly.

2. Ariat Boot Jack

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The boot jack is made of stained hardwood by Ariat makers to safeguard your cowboy boot. They also include protection incorporated into the boot jack so that it does not harm or destroy the material of your cowboy boots. This jack is composed of tough, stain-resistant wood and leather, with cushioned sides to protect your boots from scratches.

This type may be a little more durable than other plastic choices due to its wood structure. The downside of this boot jack is that it does not suit all kinds of boots.

3. M&F Western Boots Jack

This is another wood boot jack; this one has a gorgeous flower pattern and a scuff-resistant soft synthetic suede mouth inside.

Pros: The bottom has leather cushions to prevent slipping on slippery flooring.

Downsides: It may be a tad heavy for some.

4. Southwestern Equine Boot Hunter

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With its plastic and rubber composition, you can rely on this jack to effortlessly remove your boots without leaving any traces.

Perks: The rubber gripper is available in three colors: fluorescent orange, raspberry, and turquoise.

Cons: It may be too broad to suit certain boot types for some.

5. Rocklin Industry Boot Jack

This waterproof boot jack comprises a hardened composite plastic core for further quality and rigidity.

Pros: The ribbed footpad adds stability, while the inside rubber protects against marks.

Cons: Because the base has no cushion, it may scratch some floorboards.


Getting your footwear stuck in the mud may be a pain. After a long day, pulling them off might be difficult since your feet will have swelled in them, and you don’t want to dirty your hands. Using a boot jack, however, you can easily remove your boots. Investing in a boot jack means less worry, less boot removing time, and more. 

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