An Ultimate Guide On How To Wash Patagonia Jackets  

Many people believe that washing a jacket wears it out, but in the real sense, it prolongs its life. It’s easy to wash and dry your down jacket, and it only takes some simple tricks to keep it clean. Patagonia jackets are expensive, so you must protect the investment by taking good care of them, which sometimes may mean taking them to a dry cleaner instead of washing them yourself.

Can I Wash My Patagonia Jacket At Home?

Yes. You can keep your Patagonia jacket in good shape at home if you understand the techniques to do so. Patagonia recommends washing the jackets yourself instead of dry cleaning as the clothes are intended to be cleaned with minimal fuss. 

Before you wash the jacket, please read the instructions label to determine the material it is made from and then wash it as directed.

Washing A Patagonia Down Jacket

1. Down Insulation Jacket 

1. Before you wash the jacket, you should lay it out and zip all its zippers.

2. Fasten the hook and loop tape if the jacket has it. Remember to check the pockets if any treasures and love notes are forgotten there.

3. Place your down jacket inside the washing machine.

4. Add the recommended amount of technical wash to the machine. Ensure that the wash is specifically designed for washing down garments. There are different types of washes; therefore, you have to read the label on the bottle to know the right amount to add.

5. Set your washing machine to small on the load size setting.

6. Adjust the temperature of the washing machine to cold.

7. Adjust the washing machine and run on a gentle/ normal wash cycle.

8. Allow your jacket to get a second rinse by leaving it in the machine.

9. Transfer your jacket from the washing machine to the dryer. If a dryer is not available, you can try the environmentally friendly lining to dry the down jacket.

10. Adjust the dryer setting to low-heat and with a regular dry cycle time.

11. Start your dryer. The jacket may dry after a couple of cycles. Therefore, you may need to leave the machine heat low and dry for the next cycle.

2. PrimaLoft Insulation

PrimaLoft garments should be machine washed with a mild detergent on a gentle and cold-water cycle. Once you rinse the jacket, you should dry it low or line dry.

3. Patagonia Capilene Jacket

Patagonia Capilene Jacket

A Patagonia Capilene jacket should be washed on cool or warm water using mild powdered detergent. Buy the non-toxic and biodegradable types as they are more suitable. After rinsing the jacket, line dry it, or you can tumble dry on low heat. The benefit of line drying is that it saves energy while reducing environmental impact.

If the Patagonia Capilene jacket has grease, you should first hand wash it with the recommended detergent instead of machine washing it using a laundry detergent. If the grease marks don’t come out, dampen a cotton ball with some drops of isopropyl alcohol and rub that stain to break up the grease. Once the oil loosens, wash your jacket as recommended on the care tag.

How To Replenish Water Repellency

The waterproof shell used to make Patagonian jackets is originally treated with Durable Water-Repellant finish (DWR), preventing the outer fabric from getting saturated to allow the breathable barrier to doing its job. 

You must replenish the coating once every season or a few more times if you use the jacket more often. If the water stops beading up on the shell, it may signal to add more finish. Whatever jacket of garment you choose from Patagonia stores, ensure that you always use a spray-on if the garment is two-layered. 

If the coat keeps soaking, you may need to check with Patagonia, and they will help you with the process or take it to them to check what the problem is.

Removing Stains From A Patagonia Jacket

If grease gets on the Patagonia jacket, use a dishwashing agent to remove it by dampening the stain first and rubbing in the detergent. Wash your jacket in warm water and use an adequate amount of mild powder laundry detergent. 

If the stain is stubborn, use safe cleaning fluid to sponge it. You can also use mineral spirits as both are available at grocery stores.

If gum or sap sticks on the jacket, you must first freeze the sap using some ice and scrape it off with a dull butter knife. After the gum comes off, soak the jacket in a water and vinegar solution, and then the machine washes it with warm water and some laundry detergent. 

Please keep it away from flame or direct heat when washing or drying your Patagonia jacket. The jackets are synthetic; therefore, they may burn or melt because of direct heat. Patagonia jackets are not flame resistant.

Washing A Patagonia Fleece Jacket

Patagonia fleece jackets come in baggies that allow water and detergent penetration but prevent the tiny threads shed by the garments when washing.

Synthetic fleece jackets release millions of microfibers every wash. Patagonia has stood out as one of the few brands that understand the impact of such microfibers on the environment and have tried to lower it by sourcing their synthetic materials from plastic recycling. 

A filtering garment bag will help capture the microfibers before entering the watershed. Wash your fleece jacket in low-temperature water in a gentle cycle to help lower fiber shedding. Using fabric softeners may reduce the jacket’s waterproofing and lower the number of microfibers the fleece will shed every wash. 

Therefore, you will need to find your balance when washing your Patagonia fleece jackets. Air dry your fleece jacket if possible.


Patagonia jackets are expensive therefore you should take good care of them by washing them properly. Keeping your jackets in good shape will help them last longer. Patagonia sells different jackets, so you need to read the care instructions before washing your expensive down or fleece jacket. Reading the instructions will help you fully understand how to keep it in the best condition.

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