Is Running With Jeans Good Or Bad? Advantages And Disadvantages

if you are a rookie runner or an established athlete preparing for the next marathon, running is an excellent exercise for the body. Hence, your running gear is an essential factor to consider and should suit different climatic changes while also keeping you comfortable. Many people always ask whether they can run in jeans. Running in jeans is doable, but it is not enjoyable at all. Running in jeans does not allow blood to circulate properly during the activity. Ventilation is also limited, and the jeans can also cause chafing between the thighs.

Advantages Of Running In Jeans

1. Elastic jeans can be comfortable when running as they allow for more movement.


1. Some jeans material like denim does not stretch, which can be pretty uncomfortable when running.

2. Jeans don’t dry very quickly; therefore, running in them will keep you cold throughout the run. Your running attire should be able to absorb sweat and wick it away.

3. Jeans chaff a lot, even when dry.

4. Jeans are heavy, especially when drenched in sweat, hence will slow you down when running.

Which Kind Of Fabrics Are Best For Running?

Which Kind Of Fabrics Are Best For Running

The most popular materials for activewear are synthetic fabrics as they have a superior ability to keep runners dry and relaxed no matter the weather. Here are the common types of fabrics for running.

Nylon – Nylon wicks sweat and are also breathable; hence, suitable for running. Moreover, nylon stretches well thus, moving with the runner for a comfortable ride.

Polyester – Many people prefer polyester fabric as it is durable, lightweight, breathable, and non-absorbent. This plastic-based fabric also repels the UV rays keeping you warm when cold, thus ideal for running jackets. The only disadvantage of buying polyester activewear is that it does not have any antibacterial quality like natural fibers.

Polypropylene– Polypropylene is a water-resistant fabric that makes it a great running base layer. No matter how sweaty you are, polypropylene will stay dry to your skin’s touch.

Spandex– Spandex is not only popular with runners, but many people wear the fabric while walking or during their day-to-day activities. Spandex is stretchy and flexible. Due to its ability to expand, the material offers unrestricted movement before it snaps back and retains its shape.

Bamboo– with the rise of eco-green products, some people have shifted to using sportswear made from this eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fibers. Bamboo naturally wicks sweat and has antibacterial properties. Moreover, the fabric is soft to the skin.

Wool– Merino wool is suitable for the cold and hot seasons because it has a temperature regulating mechanism. The fabric is highly breathable, wicks sweat, and has antibacterial properties. Wool is combined with synthetic fibers like spandex to give it a better-fitted shape. Wool is also incredibly lightweight.

Cotton– Cotton is not the best fabric for running. The material absorbs moisture, traps it against the skin, and makes the runner feel damp and hot when sweating. Therefore, you should be careful when buying cotton pants for running as they can be very uncomfortable.

Best Types Of Pants For Running

Best Types Of Pants For Running


Some people don’t like the swishing sound produced by pants when running; therefore, they opt for a pair of tights. Tights have a highly compressive cut, meaning that they can stay out of the way when running and trap body heat better than running pants. It would help buy pants for running during winter as they will add some warmth and help maintain a natural running experience.


Running pants are suitable for runners who want to maximize their active attire’s versatility. Pants have extra material and a baggy fit, thus offering a modest look compared to a pair of form-fitting tights. This means that you can use them to work out, lounge, or for athleisure since they are comfortable on the move and on the couch too. Running pants also have pocket provisions, unlike tights. Therefore, you can carry your phone or other items with you during your run.

Upgraded Sweat Pants

Today’s workout sweat pants are different from the past ones, which would get moist and swampy when working out. Now, brands are making sweatpants with a breathable, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying fabric to help you stay dry during running. These pants have more room in the thighs and still taper to a well-fitting calf and ankle. The running pants are also being made to appear sharp for casual wear.


Shorts come in a variety of styles and lengths. They range from snug-fitting booty, compression shorts to loose-fitting and super airy shorts. Running in shorts allows lots of air circulation around the legs and keeps you more relaxed than pants or tights. Some shorts are incredibly lightweight to allow a maximum range of motion. Although they may not be ideal during the winter because of the cold, running shorts are perfect for summers. Even if the weather is cold, you can still run in shorts but add a long pair of compression socks for some extra warmth. Shorts prevent overheating, which can ruin your run and make you not perform as expected.

What To Consider When Choosing Leg Attire

When it comes to leg attire, tights and shorts are ideal for running. You should ensure that the shorts are made of breathable and lightweight fabric with an underwear lining made of mesh. It would be best to purchase shorts with extra pockets to carry your ID, gel, or phone.

The tights should be made from a high-performance stretchy fabric that can draw away moisture from the body and keep your running comfortable despite the outdoor temperatures.


If you are considering running in jeans, you should first weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Running in jeans can be super uncomfortable, mainly if the material doesn’t stretch. Jeans also chaff a lot; therefore, you may have to dispose of your jeans after one run. It is essential to get the proper attire for running and ensure that you buy a lightweight and breathable fabric. This will make your running more comfortable.

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