Running Flipbelt Size- What Is A Flipbelt? (Benefits & A Guide To Choosing The Correct Size)

A running FlipBelt is a unisex waistband worn snugly around your waist. The FlipBelt doubles as a fitness waistband, and it might serve the same purpose as running pouches. This waistband comes with four openings that help you carry some of your essential valuables such as phones, medical devices, credit cards, snacks, and your apartment keys.

The FlipBelt is crafted from a blend of Lycra and spandex, a stretchy material renowned for water-wicking abilities. Even though the fabric lacks waterproof properties, it is antibacterial to ensure the prevention of bacterial infections. If you mind the security of your valuables while running, FlipBelts provide peace of mind since they come in zippers to ensure your belongings are secure.  

This article discusses different types of FlipBelts, the correct size for you, and the benefits of wearing a FlipBelt when running. Stay on the page and gain the much-needed knowledge concerning running FlipBelt’s.

The Correct Size Of Flipbelt To Wear

The Correct Size Of Flipbelt To Wear

Determining the right size of the FlipBelt to suit your waist might prove challenging. Although you can exchange the belt if it doesn’t fit, it is ideal if you get it right the first time.

Choosing the correct size of the belt to snuggle your waist comfortably is an important aspect. A size too small fits tightly and causes discomfort while running, whereas a large size fits loosely and frustrates your run by rolling all over and bouncing with every step.

Flipbelts come in different sizes ranging from double extra small (XXS) to double extra-large (XXL). The right size depends on your waist and where you want the belt worn. Some people wear the belt on their waist. Others wear it at the top of their hips and around the mid hips. Knowing your waist size and the belt’s position enables you to choose the right size that can’t embarrass you while running.

The Flipbelt Size Chart

Belt sizeWaistSize (Men USA size)Size (Women USA Size)

Important Tip

The looks of a new FlipBelt might deceive you. They look smaller but are stretchable to your desired size. Ensure you select the correct size by following the chart below. If your waist measurement falls between the sizes, opt for a smaller size that fits snuggly to avoid incidents of the belt bouncing around while focused on your run.

Unstretched And Stretched FlipBelt Chart.

Belt CircumferenceUnstretched FlipbeltStretched Flipbelt

A Guide To Choosing The Right Flipbelt Size

1. Suppose your waist falls between 18-21 inches; size XXS is an ideal belt for you. The size features a 21-inch unstretched circumference, while its maximum stretched circumference is 28 inches.

2. Size XS is suitable for those with waists ranging between 22 to 25 inches.  The XS size’s unstretched circumference is 25 inches, whereas the stretched circumference is 33 inches.

3. The S size comes with an unstretched circumference of 26 inches, and a maximum stretched circumference of 36 inches. This size works well with people whose waist size measures between 26 to 29 inches.

4. Size M is ideal for you if your waist size measures between 29-32 inches. The unstretched circumference of this size is 28 inches, and its stretched circumference is 38 inches.

5. The unstretched and stretched circumferences of size L are 31 and 43 inches, respectively. The size is suitable for you if your waist size ranges between 32 to 35 inches.

6. For those boasting waist sizes ranging between 35 and 38 inches, size XL is ideal for you. The size comes with unstretched and stretched circumferences of 35 and 48 inches.

7. Finally, we have size XXL that suits people with waist sizes ranging from 40 to 48 inches. The XXL size features an unstretched circumference of 40 inches and a stretched one of 58 inches. 

Types Of Flipbelts

There are three main types of running FlipBelts in the market. Your desired goals inform your choice. Below are the various kinds of Flipbelts:

1. Flipbelt Classic

The FlipBelt classic helps you carry your valuables conveniently and securely—the belt snugs all items to avoid incidents of bouncing around while running.

2. Flipbelt Zipper

The FlipBelt zipper is a modern FlipBelt that offers enhanced security to your valuables by featuring a zipper in every pocket.

3. Flipbelt Hydration Belt

This belt enables you to carry water bottles with you alongside your items. It doesn’t come with any strap that might chafe your skin while running.

Benefits Of Using A Flipbelt

Up to this point, we have understood what FlipBelts are and how to settle on the correct size. Now let’s delve into their benefit to a runner.

1. Roomy Pockets

Flipbelts come with spacious pockets that enable you to carry most of the essentials needed when running. The pockets can hold your phones, keys, medication, and even a bottle of water for hydration. The pockets play a significant role in endurance sports like marathons.

2. Flipbelts Provide Comfort

Imagine how stressful and embarrassed it will be when you run holding items in your hands and start sweating. Sweaty hands can’t hold on to items properly; hence they will fall and not only embarrass you but disrupt your running as well.

If you come to your run equipped with the right FlipBelt, the above embarrassments and discomforts can’t follow you.

3. Minimizes Interruptions

Suppose you are on a long run; the FlipBelt enables you to carry all that you require with you. By so doing, it eliminates chances of getting off the trail in search of essentials such as water.


A FlipBelt is an essential gear for running and other workout exercises. The only challenge is determining the proper size that suits you well without moving and bouncing around while you are on the go. Follow the tips given in this article to acquire the correct size.


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