M Select Dry Vs. Gore-Tex- Which Is Better Boot For Hiking

Planning a hiking trip needs to be done meticulously by considering several aspects. One among them is the type of footwear to accompany you on the trails. The choice of the proper hiking footwear hinges on the terrain and the duration of the hike. However, irrespective of the terrain or distance hiked, it is a cardinal rule that your hiking footwear should have moisture-wicking and breathable abilities. While we acknowledge that no material is 100% waterproof, M select Dry and Gore-Tex provide outstanding performance.

Which Boot Is Better For Hiking Between M Select And Gore-Tex?

Both M Select Dry and Gore-Tex materials are suitable. However, when determining the best among the two, you have to factor in the trails of your hiking activities. The M Select technology boasts optimal wicking abilities that ensure your feet are dry and cool all the way. But if you anticipate encountering muddy and wet trails, Gore-Tex is a superior choice that will provide exceptional breathability and comfort. In short, your needs play a big part in determining the best boot for the occasion.

A Comparison Chart Between M Select Dry And Gore-Tex

M Select Dry
1. moisture–wicking
2. Water-resistant.
3. Breathable
Primarily used in day-to-day activities and during wet conditions
Gore-Tex1. Waterproof
2. Better traction
3. breathable
Mainly used during summer, spring, and summer rainstorms, mud, and puddles.

The waterproofing feature plays a crucial role in selecting proper hiking footwear to protect your feet and give you the comfort required to tackle the trails. It is possible to encounter streams, snow, and rain when hiking, thus requiring a waterproof hiking boot. If your feet, unfortunately, get soggy when walking, the hiking activity will torment you. Besides experiencing discomfort with wet feet, chances are you might develop blisters, increased temperatures, and bacterial infections.

Differences Between M Select Dry And Gore-Tex

Differences Between M Select Dry And Gore Tex

The first difference is that while M Select Dry is a patented brand used by the Merrell company, Gore-Tex material is not brand specific. Famous brands such as Salomon footwear, Merrell, and Danner use Gore-Tex material on their waterproof boots.

The Gore-Tex technology is a thin membrane of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) characterized by tiny pores. The pores are smaller compared to water droplets but larger than vapor. The membrane is considered waterproof and breathable due to these pores. The membrane provides excellent waterproof abilities compared to M Select Dry.

The Gore-Tex Membrane is placed between the outer fabric and the lining. If you encounter water on your hiking path, the outer fabric might appear wet, but your feet will remain dry and warm.

On the other hand, the M Select Dry technology is breathable and waterproof. The technology allows footwear versatility in that it can be used in demanding outdoor conditions or everyday use. With the M Select Dry technology, your feet are kept dry as moisture is wicked away. Unlike the Gore-Tex technology, M Select Dry provides excellent breathability, and its boots do a tremendous job when worn during rainy weather, especially on a hike.

M Select Dry technology has similarities with Gore-Tex, but its waterproof level is inferior. Suppose you are prepared to hike in wet conditions; M Select Dry will serve you well, though if your trail involves submerging your feet in the water, then go for Gore-Tex.

Hiking Footwear With Gore-Tex Technology

Gore-Tex doesn’t have any footwear brand, so we will sample hiking footwear that uses its technology;

1. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX. 

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The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is the ideal shoe to wear when hiking. It provides maximum ankle support, water resistance, comfort, and confidence as you focus on the trails.

Features Of Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Hiking Boots

1. Comfort

The Quest 4 delivers excellent comfort to hikers. Friction in this booth is minimized by the use of the Ortholite Sockliner and the SensiFit technology. The technology minimizes interior seams, hence reduced friction and enhanced the breathability of the boot. If you have wide feet, the shoe’s toe box is roomy enough to allow wiggling of the toes. There is also an allowance to wear liner socks with your Quest 4 boots.

2. Water Resistance

The boots are the best rated in water resistance, thanks to the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane that resists water from reaching your feet but allows moisture to escape from the inside.

Even if you submerge your foot in the water, you have the assurance that the waterproof lining that measures six inches from the base of the sole will keep your feet dry.

3. Durability

 The upper material of Quest 4 is made of nubuck leather, textile, and mesh, and it is bound together with numerous seams. Regardless of the rigorous activities, you will subject the boot to, it doesn’t wear out quickly.

4. Stability

The boot brings much-wanted stability on demanding hikes. It provides added ankle support as the padded and flexible cuff wraps the lower calf hugging the ankle supportively.

5. Traction

The worst sin any hiker can commit is going to the trails with poor traction boots. The Quest 4 provides the best traction, whether you are tackling a camber or scrambling up the slope.

Hiking Footwear With M Select Technology

2. Moab 2 Waterproof

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The Moab 2 is an ideal hiking shoe during cold conditions. The boots are highly breathable and have excellent moisture-wicking abilities.


1. Comfort

The Moab 2 is a soft hiking boot that doesn’t require a break-in period. It boasts a roomy toe box that allows toes to jiggle. The heel box is excellently designed to make the heel snug with a touch of comfy.

2. Traction

The boot boasts a Vibram TC5 outsole that is renowned for high friction. It provides excellent gripping power that will not abandon you when hiking on slopes.

3. Water Resistance

The boot does well in repelling water, though since it allows for better breathability, little water might find its way into your feet.


When comparing the two, Gore-Tex comes top in waterproof abilities, while M Select tops in breathability. The breathability option featured on the M Select boots is the reason for compromised waterproof capabilities. Choosing the best hiking boot from the two technologies is down to individual hikers and the hiked trails.

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