Walmart Bike Return Policy Explained

Imagine a situation where you have bought a bike from Walmart and discover it is faulty after a few days. What will you do? Can you take it back to a Walmart store and claim a refund of your money? Nothing is disheartening like walking into a reputable bike-selling store like Walmart and purchasing a bike, only to discover that it is not worth it later on. Stay with us to find out whether Walmart has a bike return policy.

Does Walmart Have Bike Return Policy?

Yes, if the bike doesn’t perform as you expected or discover that it is faulty, you can return it to Walmart for a refund. However, be notified that dirt and gas-powered bikes are not returnable. Once you have bought them, there is no going back. An important point to note is that electric bikes are accepted within 30 days from the purchase date. Ordinary bikes are returnable within 90 days from the purchase date.

If you are stuck with your faulty Walmart bike for lack of knowledge of their return policy, let’s guide you on how to do it in simple steps. This article explains to you in simple language how to return a bike to Walmart for a refund following their bike return policy.

Why Should You Return A Bike To A Walmart Store?

When you elect to purchase a bike from a reputable store like Walmart, you expect the best. If by any chance (though rare) you find out that the bike’s performance is unsatisfying, you are free to return the item. Acceptable faults that necessitate a return of the cycle to the store are Manufacturing faults, defective components, shipping damages, and electrical performance.

Explaining Walmart Bike Return Policy 

Explaining Walmart Bike Return Policy 

Walmart stores all over sell different types of bikes. It could be better to understand that not all types of bikes are returnable. The return policy for returnable bikes stipulates that the return of ordinary bikes is acceptable within 90 days, while e-bikes can be returned within 30 days from the purchasing date.

The difference in the return duration is because ordinary bikes befall under the store’s category of standard return policy, while electric bikes fall under the electronic category. All electronic products have a return period of 30 days.

Gas-powered and dirt bikes fall under the non-returnable category, meaning once sold, there is neither a return nor refund option.

Walmart stores religiously adhere to the policy guidance. Before deciding to return your bike to a Walmart store, ensure you understand their return policy.

Walmart Bike Return Requirements

You can only return a bike to a Walmart store if you notice the damage before use or prove that the bike has an unsatisfactory performance.

Ensure you inspect all parts of the bike when unpacking or assembling. This way, it is easy to establish whether the bike’s damage resulted from shipping or a manufacturing blunder.

After a successful assembly, keep close attention to identifying any defective parts while using the bike.

While unpacking, be gentle on the packaging because you might need it when shipping back the bike to the store. Take great care to ensure that the packaging is intact, for it can be reused to package the cycle again.

Should I Return A Bike Purchased As A Gift? 

If the return duration is correct and you have a concrete reason for the return, you can return your gifted bike for a refund. However, be aware that the store accepts gift receipts, a confirmation email, or a packaging slip to authenticate purchase proof.

What Do I Include When Making A Return?

If you decide to return a bike to a Walmart store, the policy requires customers to include the following:

1. The bike.

2. Purchasing receipt.

3. Unmarked and undamaged original packaging.

4. All accessories shipped with the bike.

5. Instructions and assembly guides shipped with the bike.

6. A gift, debit, or credit card used for the purchase.

If you purchased the bike using cash, Walmart accepts a photo ID, and the return must be made in-store.

Failure to avail of the items mentioned above, the bike return cannot be accepted.

How Should I Process A bike Return At Walmart?

Making a bike return solely hinges on the method you used to buy it. The return can be processed using two different modalities as stipulated by Walmart’s standard return policy. The modalities are in-store and online returns.

In-Store Return

If you purchased your bike in-store, ensure that you visit the store you bought it from to process your return. At the store, Walmart staff will assist you in carrying or wheeling the bike, allowing you a humble time to meet with the returning officer to process your refund. If you have the documents, the process will be smooth and eventless.

Online Bike Return

This method is used if you purchase your bike through an online store. If you desire to make an online bike return, the item will be shipped back to a Walmart store at no cost. Walmart collaborates with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to make online returns a success.

All you need to do is putting back the bike in its original package and drop it at the nearest shipping store.

Once Walmart receives the bike and ascertains it is the correct type and model, your money will be refunded. However, be aware that you can’t recover the amount you paid for shipping charges.

Return Of A Non-Receipted Bike

If you don’t have a purchase receipt, your photo ID will process the return. If the store’s refund verification system accepts your return request, you are not refunded with cash but with a store credit.

What Happens If I Return A Bike With Walmart Protection Plan?

The protection plan primarily covers the bike from normal wear and tear. If you return your bike, the plan is of no use, so you need to cancel it. Visit the Walmart protection plan website and learn how to cancel the warranty.


Walmart stores offer an elaborate bike return policy for ordinary and electric bikes. If by bad luck you purchase a refundable bike from the store and discover that it is faulty, follow the steps discussed above to claim your refund.

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