Why Do Hikers Wear Cowbells?

Cowbells knew as bear bells are worn by hikers in order to inform the bear of their presence and as well notify the bears of not been made prey by other animals. Also, prevent the hikers from unnecessary attack by a terrific animal on sight. By so doing, this brings about an understanding between the traffic animals such as mountain lions, bears, other large animals, and hikers. Terrific animals are known to be hostile which is due to their protective intuition. Invariably, this makes them a threat to human/life generally. In order to prevent this, you as a hiker are encouraged to make sounds while approaching the mountain to inform the animal of your coming or presence. Also, as recommended if you are a solo hiker you can play a small instrument or even sing while a group of hikers can talk to each other. Alternatively, you can make use of gear that makes noise when climbing. The adverse effect of sound strategy during hiking is that it triggers predator response in large animals such as mountain lions and bears. However, why cowbells are more advisable to wear during hiking because it does not trigger such response in large animals. 

Probably, you have heard or seen a hiker with a cowbells or bear bells while hiking. It make a lot of whole sense you knowing the reason why hikers have to wear cowbells. This clarifies the pertinent question why do hikers wear cowbells.  

Definition of a Cowbells

It is nanoscopic bell about 1.5inch with either a carabiner or broad Velcro strap majorly used for fastening. You can easily fastening it with your waist belt, bag or any other external gears used while hiking.

How it is been designed

Contrarily to the general view, cowbells are not meant to startle a bear. Conversely, designed to notify the bears and other animal within the environment of your coming or presence so as not to frighten nor jam them unknowingly. This prevent you as hiker not to be attacked nor cause a potential brawl between you and the bear. As you progress in hiking the bells ring aloud notifying all living organisms around the environment of your coming or presence within the environs.  

Turning Of A Cowbell

It is designed such that some sort of silencer comes along with it which gives you as a hiker the option to turn off the jingle when not necessary nor needed. The silencer is literally a magnet which uphold the rattling bead in a position.

Location To Find A Cowbell

The three well known places you can find cowbells are Nakabayashi, Coghlan and Frontiersman. Also, they all make ring alike sound as well low in cost about $15. 

The Advantage Of Putting On A Cowbell

The major purpose of designing a cowbell for hiking is to make sounds to inform the living organisms around of your coming or presence in that particular environment. However, cowbell may not have other benefit outside of this purpose.

Also, the sounds prevent you from colliding with other hikers as well as runners and mountain bikers.

It prevent you from getting attacked by startled animals.

It reduces your chances of running into or over trail runners and mountain bikers. 

The Disadvantages Of Putting On A Cowbell

1. It reduces your wildlife experience or encounters.

2. Added to your body weight.

3. You might seems uncomfortable due to the unpleasant sound from the cowbell.

4. It might seems ineffective at a period in time.

As discussed earlier, wearing a cowbell does not really deter you from the occurrences of mountain/large animals. More so, the noise from the cowbells can make the hiking experience dissatisfactory for you and fellow hikers around you.

Also, not all encountered animals are carnivore or scary. For those who like going into the woods as well as observing wildlife animals, it is more advantageous to go along with a cowbells that sends sounds ahead of you so as to make these animals run off before getting there. Also an added weight to your luggage.

Staying Safe Without Cowbells

1. It is in your best interest to know/be aware of how to stay safe when hiking with or without a cowbell to keep you safe both on and off the sight of wild animals. This can be achieved by you knowing the kind of animals present in your chosen hiking route as well as how to properly connect and disconnect, when needed, with the animals.

2. Hiking through a bear country demands you to go along with a bear spray. Also, during hiking make some noise so that you will not encounter them unaware. 

3. Without much thinking, always avoid hiking route with densely populated wild animals. For example, avoid hiking route at night/dawn/dusk where there are many populations of larger animals. 

Other Methods Of Preventing Large Animals

There are other methods that can be used, probably proven to be more effective, whenever you are uncertain about the effectiveness of cowbells. These methods are listed and briefly explained below;

Bear jar: it is used in keeping away your stored food and aromatic items from inquisitive bears. Areas like sierra nevadas which are known for its densely populated wild animals such as bears have proven bear jars to be effective when hiking through the route. Although they are bogus and heavy in nature, there is however relative lighter bear jars.

Locksak Opsak: this is oftentimes used in conjunction with the bear jars. It is a small sack made of material that prevent the aroma of your perfume, soap and food from evaporating into the air. 

Singing/talking: this is one of the traditional or easiest way you can make do of to deter the presence of bears while hiking or walking.  Bears are known with the general notion or instinct that voice are associated with humans. Whenever the bears hear voice approaching in such environment they quickly take cover. However, this might get exhausted while hiking.

Bear bagging: literally the cheapest way/technique you can employ to secretly safe your food and other aromatic items. Also, this allows you to hang your food on the tree taking it out within the reach of bears.

Bear sprinkle: it is more advisable you go with a bear sprinkle rather than avoiding all occurrences of bear. This bear sprinkle contains a perish liquid which repels a charged bear.

Bear nares: it is a small air nares which is designed to produce unexpectedly loud sound frighten a bear within the environs.

Bear blare: you can make of this also in making sound to scare off the bears. However, this must be consciously used in order not to pose distress signal within the woods.


1. Do Bear Bells Attract Bears?

Apparently, there are different views or opinion to this. Some researcher or hikers affirm that they attract weird bears. However, the bear spray remains most effective but can really be annoying due to it perish nature.

2. How Do You Keep Bears Away While Hiking?

1. Make noise while hiking so as not to stumble or frighten bears unknowingly.
2. During the dawn or dusk are to be avoided because they are most active during this time.
3. Go with a bear spray.
4. Always hike in group and stay closely to each other. Personal hiking are likely to attract curious bear.

3. How Do You Tell If A Bear Is Stalking You?

1. It takes a blink of an eye.
2. Be vigilant and conscious of your environment checking out for their footprints and fresh droppings.
3. Unanimous gifting. But you are the one who they are after.
4. Stumble on each other when you are out of the house.
5. Frequent phone calls.
6. The constant appearance of weird things in your house.
7. Dog mortality. i.e your dog is dead.
8. Run after you while driving and try to rip off the car door.
9. It kills anybody who tries to save you.
10. It walks through the inferno to get you with an ax on his head.
11. If eventually succeed kills you. 

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