Analyzing The Best 10 Brands Similar To North Face

The North Face is among the most popular activewear brands in the market. The brands sell jackets, other outdoor clothing, footwear, and outdoor equipment. Some of its competitors include Patagonia, Columbia, timberland, REI, Eddie Bauer, Mountain Hardwear, Nike, among others. North Face sells expensive items because they do offer top-notch quality. However, they are cheaper than other brands like Patagonia but not considerably. Their items range from affordable to more costly, thus allowing consumers various options without compromising quality.

Are The North Face Alternatives Worth It?

North Face Alternatives

It is true that the North Face Brand commands quite a bigger junk of the market. However, a brand like Patagonia might be slightly superior. The other brands in our list also have features similar to North Face, thus they are worth your dime. 

1. Patagonia

Patagonia is an American-based apparel brand that is popular for outdoor clothing. The brand is famous globally for its quality equipment, including clothes, outdoor gear, and accessories. Patagonia sells quality products hence the high prices. 

Moreover, the company is focused on low environmental impact; therefore, they try to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling and basing their factories in different areas to reduce transportation effects on the environment. 

They have also developed particular programs for environmental sustainability. The average cost of a jacket from Patagonia is $ 150. Their outdoor clothing is similar to the North Face as they are suitable for daily wear.

2. Columbia

Columbia is the brand to buy from if you prefer fleece jackets. Their jackets are breathable, cozy, and warm. Fleece jackets are also an excellent option for using as a mid-layer for outdoor adventures when it’s cold. 

Columbia sportswear is a great alternative to North Face for buying lightweight fleece jackets. 

Their products consist of water-resistant and sun-protective materials. Columbia sells different styles, sizes, and colors as the North Face.

3. Timberland


Timberland is a more affordable alternative to the North Face for buying outdoor shoes. The brand is very famous for American footwear. It offers a wide variety of well-crafted, waterproof boots and shoes for various ages. 

Their shoes vary from hiking, climbing, and trail running, and the brand is an excellent alternative to North Face for buying affordable footwear for any outdoor activity. Timberland’s shoes feature composite, alloy, and steel hence protecting the feet from injuries.

4. REI

If you want a store for the best deals on equipment REI is the place. The brand is North Face’s direct competitor, with the North Face being the best-selling brand at REI shops. 

REI offers fantastic discounts and offers on various hiking and camping gear from other popular brands.

Some of the items available at REI include hiking and backpacking packs, technical packs for mountaineering and climbing, skiing and snowboarding packs, tents, shelters, and sleeping bags.

5. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer was founded in Seattle over a century ago, and now the brand has nearly 275 stores in North America. Eddie Bauer sells technical outdoor clothing at great prices. Therefore, the brand might be what you need. The brand uses polyester and nylon to make its products. 

Additionally, the jackets use several innovative technologies, including Thermafill synthetic insulator and WeatherEdgge, which they have developed. 

Eddie Bauer also manufactures garments using Thin down technology to help the garments withstand bad weather conditions. The brand also has sustainability programs guaranteeing certified products after precise quality standards.

6. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear produces high-performance outdoor gear and equipment. They also sell tents as part of their outdoor equipment. 

Some of their best-selling products include jackets that range from $159-$300. They also sell technical fabric shirts and trousers. They ensure that their materials are impermeable by using Gore-tex technology and insulating the materials from atmospheric agents using technology such as Pertex Quantum Air.

7. Marmot

Marmot was founded in 1974 and is based in America. The company produces jackets that withstand very extreme weather conditions. Marmot was among the first brands to use Gore-Tex technology in the manufacturing process. 

They sell their products starting at $100, with the most expensive ones being the down-insulated garments. Their products are durable and suitable for low temperatures and climates.

8. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is another excellent alternative to the North Face. The brand is Europe-based and sells some of the finest outdoor gear for different activities, including skiing and sailing. Their gear is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. 

They also sell lightweight shell jackets. The jackets are perfect for extreme weather protection, especially when mountaineering.

9. Moncler

Just like North Face, Moncler sells high-quality outwears. The Italian brand is famous for its luxurious outdoor gear for men, women, and kids. The brand is expensive compared to many outdoor gear brands, but their quality exceeds expectations. 

Some of the products they sell include jackets, blazers, rain jackets, knitwear, sweatshirts. Skirts and trousers.

10. Spyder                                                                                                                                                                            

Spyder is also a great option and an alternative to North Face. It’s a famous outdoor brand with mid-range prices. The brand specializes in skiing gear, and the costs of their jackets vary between $200 to $400. You will also find trousers, various accessories, and layering clothes. Spyder uses different technologies for making the garments waterproof, like Gore-Tex and any other technology that can help their clients have an excellent outdoor experience. 

The brand is a well-recognized and accepted company in the outdoor apparel industry. It has strong design aesthetics, especially for its ski equipment. 

If you purchase online instead of brick-and-mortar stores, you should first research the brand sizing to get gear that fits you. Brands have different sizing, and some skiing clothes may be bigger than what you expect.


North Face is a famous brand that sells outdoor gear and equipment. The brand is well known for using the best materials. They are also very fashionable, and their clothing is comfortable and undoubtedly suitable for each consumer’s needs. They also have a wide selection of outdoor gear; therefore, you will be spoilt for a choice. 

If you desire to experiment with other brands for outdoor garments, you can check which brands suit your needs from this list. Also, ensure that you compare process and online reviews before buying any products.

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