Best Jockstraps For Running

Jockstraps are essential outfits in the sport of running. Even though running is not a contact sport, runners are prone to various injuries. For example, male runners often develop testicular and penile injuries. Such incidents call for a protective garment to shield male runners and ease their pain.

When men are running, their genitals may be dancing a lot between the legs. This action may lead to excessive pain and chafing. Jockstraps are specifically designed to remedy such a scenario. A running jockstrap helps by securing the male genitals and holding them in place. The garment prevents the genitals from bouncing too much when on the move. The front part of a jockstrap consists of a pouch which is commonly called a “cup.” The pouch does not only protect both the penis and testicles from unnecessary rebounds, but it also prevents them from impact.

Jockstraps for runners also play an essential role if you already have an existing condition such as feeling crotch pain, penile injury, testicular injury, or a preexisting reproductive condition. Long-distance runners will attest that jockstraps were heavenly sent to comfort them by wicking sweat and keeping them chafe-free.

List Of The Best Jockstraps For Running











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Comparison Table Of The Best Jockstraps For Running

TYPEReason For ChoosingMaterial
Best Overall75% Polyester and 25% Spandex.

Best Supporter with Bio-Flex CupStretch-mesh
Best Budget88% Polyester and 12% Natural Latex
Best for ComfortCotton
Best For large menLatex-free material
Best Minimalist95% Cotton and 5% Spandex
Best Breathable96% Polyester and 4% Spandex

The 7 Best Jockstraps for Running

1. Best Overall: Mcdavid Athletic Supporter Jockstrap

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The Mcdavid Athletic supporter jockstrap is a high-standard running gear made of 75% Polyester and 25% spandex. It is a breathable jockstrap that can wick excessive sweat, thus providing comfort while you are on the move. Breathability is further enhanced by its stretch-mesh pouch, which dries quickly. In addition, the pouch secures your genitals, holding them together, so they don’t bounce when you are running. This simple act gives you humble time to concentrate on your race without hindrance.

This Jockstrap is of a classic minimalist design making it a go-to gear for minimalists. The wide woven waistband renders comfort and support to the runners while they are on the move. 

Key Features Of Mcdavid Athletic Supporter Jockstrap

1. Made of 75% polyester and 25% spandex

2. Minimalist design.

3. Mesh pouch that dries quickly.

4. Wide woven waistband.

5. 2-pack

2. Best Supporter With Bio-Flex Cup: Shock Doctor Jockstrap Supporter

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If you value protection to your genitals, this is the running gear that should be your top choice. It was designed with the safety of the athletes in mind. Even though running is not a rough or contact sport, sometimes you might trip and fall while on the go. Having that in mind, the shock doctor jockstrap support comes with a supportive cup that will shield you from impact.

This Jockstrap is designed with a breathable 4-way stretch mesh. The waistband is wide enough it can’t dig into your skin. The Bio-Flex cup is uniquely designed to provide sufficient airflow to your privates with the aid of duo ventilation panels. One piece of good news is that the Bio-Flex cup does not restrict your movement in any way. When laundering, the cup is easily detached from the pouch. The cup has a wrap-around X-FIT cup retention strap that keeps it close to the body for maximum support.

It is worth noting that the four-way stretch is anti-odor to keep you fresh while lifting one foot after the other. However, the fabric is also capable of wicking sweat from your body.

Key Features Of The Shock Doctor Jockstrap With Bio-Flex Cup

1. Easy cup removal.

2. Ventilated cup that enhances airflow.

3. 4-way stretch-mesh for easy breathability.

4. Wide waistband to avoid chafing.

5. Impact and shock shielding Bio-Flex cup.

3. Best Budget: GOLBERG G Athletic Supporter Jockstrap

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 If you want to spend less and acquire a jockstrap that will serve you well, GOLBERG G Athletic supporter is the gear you need. It gives optimal performance and protection to your genitals at a minimal cost.

The blend of 88% Polyester and 12% natural latex gives the runner flexibility in movement. This unique blend ensures that the material lasts long without losing its shape. The gear has a three-inch waistband that prevents digging into your skin as it is contoured to conform to your body shape. Twisting and binding are avoided by 1-inch Gol-fit leg bands that keep chafing at bay.

The GOLBERG G Athletic Supporters Jockstrap was engineered using Gol-fit next-level technology. This gear aims to improve mobility, offer support to the runner’s genitals, offer breathability and comfort.

It has a premium pouch that affords the runner comfort and breathability. In addition, the gear is engineered to resist shrinking.

Since running doesn’t involve any contact or roughness, this athletic supporter will do a tremendous job in protecting your genitals as well as wicking away any extra sweat.

Key Features Of The GOLBERG G Athletic Supporter

1. 1-inch Gol-fit leg bands that resist twisting and binding.

2. Shrink resistant.

3. Soft and breathable pouch.

4. Made of polyester88% and natural latex 12%

5. Breathable

4. Best Comfort: SKYPER Men’s Athletic Supporter

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The SKYPER is a backless jockstrap that has a stretching waistband that brings comfort to the runner. It has a breathable pouch that gives support to the manhood and protects your most sensitive spot. It is not lost that the gear is made using cotton, which is skin-friendly. The pouch is not only contoured but also roomy with ventilated mesh that affords comfort by wicking away excessive sweat.

The design is appealing to those runners who like donning sexy underwear.

Key Features Of The SKYPER Men’s Athletic Supporter

1. It is elastic and breathable.

2. It is a unique backless design.

3. It is form-fitting.

4. Has a stretchy waistband.

 5. It is Machine washed

6. It is made of 100% cotton.

7. Has Mesh panels.

5. Best For Large Men: Players Men’s Athletic Support

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 This Jockstrap is engineered explicitly for big and tall men, who often find it hard to acquire a jockstrap that fits. It is designed with a soft latex-free material. For additional comfort, the waistband has a tag-free design.

The pouch is strategically placed at the bottom, where two elastic pieces wrap around the legs to go around the gluts on their way to the waistband.

Generally, this gear is lightweight and has breathability. Like any other jockstrap, it fulfills the function of sweat-wicking, thus preventing the runner from chafing and unnecessarily bouncing of the manhood.

Key Features Of Players Men’s Athletic Support 

1. 100% latex-free.

2. They have no irritating tags.

3. Elastic waistband.

4. They are shrink-free.

5. They are Extra-large.

6. Best For Minimalists: BRAVE PERSON Men’s Athletic Supporter

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This gear uses the snug-fitting method to secure your genitals and put them in a comfy pouch.  It is made of 95% premium fiber and 5% spandex. It is soft and elastic.

The BRAVE PERSON Men’s Athletic Supporter is designed with a wide waistband to avoid chafing. It also has a substantial contoured pouch connected to the rear of the band using two strings. Apart from offering support to the runner, the pouch also wicks away the sweat.

The Jockstrap boasts discreet features. It has no lines, so it will never reveal itself in the outer garment. Apart from being used to protect runners, it can also be worn by men who have just undergone vasectomy to shield them from harm.

It is recommended that the Jockstrap be either washed by hand or machine washed. When cleaning, avoid softeners and bleach at all costs.

Key Features Of The BRAVE PERSON Men’s Athletic Supporter

1. They are made of 95% premium fiber and 5% spandex.

2. Soft and elastic.

3. Cushioned waistband. 

4. Minimalist.

7. Best Breathable: F plus R Men’s Athletic Support Jockstrap

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This Jockstrap boasts the best breathability ever. It is designed with the best and supportive knit pouch, which does a tremendous job of holding everything in place while the runner is on the move. The pouch wicks away sweat giving a runner comfort and relaxation.

The F plus R Men’s Athletic Support Jockstrap has a 3-inch waistband that is comfortable and gentle to the skin.

It is made of polyester 96%and 4% spandex and has a classic 2-strap design. 

Key Features Of The F Plus R Men’s Athletic Support Jockstrap

1. They are soft, comfy, and breathable.

2. The pouch is supportive.

3. They are made of 96% Polyester and 4% spandex.

4. They have a classic 2-strap design.

5. They have a three-inch waistband.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Jockstrap For Running

Below are some of the factors to be put into consideration when choosing the best Jockstrap that will aid you better when running;

Material- The Jockstrap should be made from a breathable and synthetic material that does well in absorption to take care of sweat while on the move. Most jockstraps are made of a blend of breathable Polyester and spandex. Also, you should check to ensure that the Jockstrap has a wide elastic waistband. This wide waistband’s purpose is to prevent the underwear from digging into the skin and avoid chafing.

The pouch is be made from cotton to enhance breathability.

Size- you should choose the right size that fits you well. The waistband determines the size of the Jockstrap. Ensure that you know your size, otherwise take measurements of your waist. It is important to note that a small size will dig into your skin and cause discomfort. A size too big will also be uncomfortable as it will not snug to your waist correctly.

Protection- The ultimate goal of wearing a running jockstrap is protection. Always make sure that the outfit you choose will perform this core function of protecting your privates. Also, ensure that the pouch is roomy enough to offer the necessary support.

Since running is not a contact sport, I recommend you settle for a jockstrap without a cup.

Type- Jockstraps are of different types. There are those with cups or shells, and there are others that just have a pouch. When choosing, you have to identify the one that you will use comfortably without hindering your movement. Movement is the core aspect of running.

Comfort- for a runner to run successfully, convenience plays a pivotal role. Choose a running jockstrap that gives you freedom of movement, breathability, and stability to achieve comfort. To gain comfort from a jockstrap, check to ensure that it has a wide elastic waistband of between 2 to 3 inches.

How Can A Jockstrap Benefit A Runner?

1. Minimizing Excessive Movement

When running, the weight of testis that averages 10g bounces with motion. A possibility is your leg might jostle your penis and testicles. This unchecked motion may stretch the scrotum, which is susceptible to injuries and pain due to its thinness.

If you run for a long time, and the motion of your privates is unchecked, chances are you will experience mild to severe testicular discomfort. Consequently, common sense dictates that you should grab a jockstrap and do your privates a favor if you are a regular runner. 

2. Minimize Eggplant Deformity Risks

Though rare, there are chances that you might fall forward while running. If the falling impact deals a blow to the groin, there are possibilities that the blood vessels will be spoilt. Penile injury and inflammation might swell extensively to the point of exposing the eggplant.

A simple gear like a running jockstrap will do you loads of good to safeguard your privates from such a painful accident.

3. Guard For Inelastic Scrotum

“Cremasteric reflex,” the ability of the body to keep the testes drawn upwards, can be affected when running. If this happens, the scrotum sags and they are at a greater risk of injuries. If this inelasticity causes you pain while running, then a jockstrap will be of excellent service to you.

4. Avoiding Varicocele Pain

Varicoceles are extra enlarged scrotum veins. If you have an existing condition of varicocele, be sure that running can increase your blood flow and worsen the situation. Jostling can also heighten this situation. However minimal reprieve, wearing a jockstrap can minimize this pain. 

5. Guard Against Injuries And Bruises 

With the uncontrolled movement of your privates while running, chances are that the jostling of your leg can bruise and eventually injure the thin skin that surrounds your testicles. These injuries might lead to swelling, which is not a pleasant experience for any runner. Such a scenario can be avoided by guarding your genitals using an appropriate jockstrap while running.

How Do You Wear Your Running Jockstrap?

The sole purpose of wearing jockstraps is to safeguard your privates. Therefore, it will serve no sense if you have the right gear but misuse it. Here below is the guide on how to wear your Jockstrap.

1. Ensure Your Jockstrap Fits Correctly: Make sure that your Jockstrap is of the correct size and has pouch comfort. It should fit well to hold all the genitals in place and keep them out of the way when you are on the move. Ensure that it doesn’t hold tightly. Otherwise, it will chafe you, and this will lead to jock itch.

2. Determine Whether You Will Wear a Cup: A cup or a shell is a molded hard plastic fixed in the inner part of the Jockstrap’s pouch. It is designed to offer runners protection if they trip and fall forward while on the move. Although they are recommended for contact sports like rugby, they can save a runner’s genitals when things go south.

3. Select Your Cup: ensure that your mobility is not hindered with the cup you choose if you will use one. Select a cup with cushioned edges as hard edges will impact the pelvic area in an accident.

For your cup to work efficiently, make sure that it is held tight against your body. Also, make sure that it doesn’t roll or twist.

Other Running Jockstraps Worth Consideration

1. GYM Old School Jockstrap

The GYM old-school Jockstrap is an old-school jockstrap whose pouch is 55% Nylon, 25% rubber, and 20% cotton. The waistband and leg straps are a blend of 70% polyester and 30% Rubber.

Since the supporter is made of soft and stretchy materials, it is comfortable and breathable. In addition, the waistband is wide enough to avoid digging into your skin hence avoiding chafing incidents.

It can wick away extra sweat leaving you dry and relaxed as you are on the move. The pouch is also roomy enough to offer appropriate support.

Key Features Of The GYM Old School Jockstrap

1. They have a classic fit.

2. Waistband and leg straps are made of 70% Polyester and 30% Rubber.

3. The pouch is made of a blend of 55% nylon, 25% rubber, and 20% cotton.

2. Mueller Athletic Support

This Jockstrap has a 3″ waistband that avoids digging into your skin. The Leg straps are stretchy and elastic. It also boasts a knitted mesh pouch that provides ultimate support while you are running. 

It is engineered with a sweat-wicking fabric that gives you comfort all the way. In addition, the accompanying removable cup is ventilated to offer sufficient airflow.

Key Features Of The Mueller Athletic Supporter

1. Sweat-wicking fabric.

2. 3-inch waistband.

3. Well ventilated cup.

3. Papi Men’s 3-Pack Premium Cotton Jockstrap

This Jockstrap is armed with a heat transfer system that is superb in improving ventilation. In addition, the pouch, made of 100% cotton, is soft, breathable, and strong enough to offer optimum protection.

The straps that go round to secure the Jockstrap at your back have a soft feel on your skin. Hence they don’t pinch even when you are on the move.

This Jockstrap may be cheap, but it will give you maximum protection in a non-contact sport like running.

Key Features Of The Papi Men’s 3-Pack Premium Cotton Jockstrap

1. They are made of 100% cotton.

2. Sold in 3-pack

3. They have an elastic band

4. They are seamless.

5. Breathable and comfy.

Cleaning The Running Jockstrap

Cleaning your Jockstrap is very important. Dirty garments breed yeast infections. Make it a tradition to clean the Jockstrap after every use.

Each Jockstrap has its requirements when it comes to washing. So ensure you follow the washing instructions carefully.

The Takeaway

Running jockstraps are purposely designed to offer protection to the runner’s privates while on the move or in case of tripping and falling. However, even though they primarily offer protection, an excellent running jockstrap should allow free movement. 

Finding the right Jockstrap might sometimes prove challenging, but when you identify the right gear that adapts to your body, you will benefit tremendously. When choosing a running jockstrap, pay attention to the size. The right size that fits well will assure you of flexibility, mobility, and optimum comfort.

A running jockstrap will protect you from injuries, bruises, and yeast infections resulting from excess sweating while you are running. The best Jockstrap to cushion you should have a strong, roomy, and breathable pouch.

All jockstraps have been engineered to protect your skin. That is why they have well-cushioned wide waistbands. To say no to injuries, bruises, and infections, ensure that you have included a jockstrap in your running gear before embarking in that long run.

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