Do Uggs Boots Run Big Or Come In Half Sizes?

Yes, Uggs boots run big, and before buying them, you should choose a full or half size smaller, although this may depend on your foot width. If you get a bigger size than your actual feet, your Uggs will not be cozy or warm for you because the sheepskin exterior will stretch, and the inner lining will bed down, giving the feeling that the boots are a little roomier and stretched.

Are Ugg Boots True To Size?

Unfortunately, the Ugg boots do not fit as expected. Most of their shoes run one size large in most countries. This means that if you are a five, you will want to buy a 4. All buyers should go one or a half size down when purchasing Ugg boots. But to avoid confusion, it’s best to buy your shoes in-store so that you can try them and apply the sizing and fitting tips while walking around the store.

You may also check your size by measuring them. Stand on a piece of paper next to a wall. Tell someone to mark the top of your top and the back of your heel; then, you can measure the distance between the two points. Doing this gives you a far more precise and accurate measurement.

What To Do If Your Uggs Are Too Small

What To Do If Your Uggs Are Too Small

It’s essential to get a flexible and comfortable pair of Ugg boots. Authentic sheepskin boots will only be complete with a thick layer of warm and snuggly wool, making you feel warm and cozy, especially in winter. 

This is why you should get the perfect size of boots. Classic Uggs will stretch out with wear. Therefore, if you buy your actual size, they may feel spacier after some time. 

If you have a hard time putting on your Uggs, then it means that they are small, and if you force or stretch them out too much, you may cause unnecessary creasing in the fabric. If they are too small, take them back to a store to get a replacement. You do not want your feet to hurt while walking in the boots because they are too small for you.

What To Do If The Uggs Boots Are Too Big 

What To Do If The Uggs Boots Are Too Big 

If your boots are too big, you can use some solid and tight twisties or duct tape to tie them after placing them in a plastic bag. Place the shoes in the freezer for half or a full day until all the water is a frozen block.

 After doing this, your sheepskin boots will stretch with pressure around the feet and legs to fit your actual size.

Alternative Ways To Get A Perfect Fit 

The Thumb Test

Pressing your entire thumb down on the toes of the shoes without hitting the toe will give you the correct size. Your toes should have room to wiggle, breathe and flex while walking all day. You do not want them to hit the tip of your toe box.

The Stick Tests

Uggs boots are not like regular shoes where you can use your index finger. Find a stick the same size as your index finger or craft your finger out of rolled-up paper on a ruler and attach it to your ruler. Slide it down the back of the boots. If you can get it behind the heel without a problem, it shows that you have enough room in the back of your shoe.

The Half Thumb Test

It’s also essential to get the correct width.  Since it’s challenging to get a width chart in most shops, you can guess your width size. To ensure you get the right width, check whether you can press your thumb sideways onto your shoe’s sole by the foot. If you get no room to wiggle, the shoes maybe a little too tight.

If the shoes fit in the toes and heel, but the width doesn’t, this shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Uggs boots are lined with fur and comfortable, and therefore, they will not chafe or cause huge problems. However, if you are unsure whether the shoes fit and have failed on this test, you might need to size up. Remember to also factor in the break-in room.

The Calf Test

 If your boot rises way too much, this test is essential for you. After sitting down, your calf spreads even the slightest bit. So, you should check the fitting of your boots when sitting down. Place the back of the legs against the edge of the seat. If you can slip a finger around the calf and shin, then the shoe fits you perfectly.

The Knee Test

This test is also perfect for higher boots. It would be best to sit down in the Uggs boots coming below the knee. Check whether you can feel a lump behind the knee. If you do, the shoes may be slightly too high-heeled, although they are exceptional in this case.

Also, check if the boots are soft and can dig in and cause pain when sitting in your knee groove. If they are soft and will not dig in, you do not have to worry. However, if you are sensitive or the boots are more rigid, you may go for a shorter model.

Can Uggs Fit Wide Feet?

Yes, Uggs do fit wide feet easily. You should go for the Alpine range if you have a wide foot. Whether it’s the small Alpines or the regular ones, they are all designed to provide extra space over the bridge. The Alpines are also wider around their sides and bridge area than the traditional style. If you are unsure about your exact shoe size, use the methods we’ve mentioned above to measure your feet’ length and width so you can get the right pair that fits perfectly.


Uggs run big; therefore, it’s essential to buy at least a size or half size smaller, although all these will depend on the width of your foot. The boots are made of shearling, and the materials used can be very soft and comfortable. However, when it comes to sizing, you should be careful not to buy a big boot that doesn’t fit well.

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