How Much Is The Bike Tune Up Cost At Rei? (Bike Maintenance Tips)

Does your bike require a tune-up and are you worried about the cost involved and where to take it for the service? Worry no more as Rei has you covered. At Rei, your bike is serviced by professionals at a reasonable price. At a price as low as $90, your bike gets Rei’s signature tune-up. Their tune-up package restores the condition of the bike, and you are free to embark on your next biking adventure with confidence.

What Does The Tune Up Entail?

What Does The Tune Up Entail

Maybe you are a new bike owner, and you don’t understand what is involved in a bike tune-up. Do not stress yourself as we are here to enlighten you on matters Cycles. When you take your bike for a tune-up, it means that the entire road machine receives thorough cleaning from top to bottom.

Tune-up experts will carefully degrease and dry the brakes, derailleurs, rims, chain, chainrings, and the freewheel. If necessary, the parts mentioned above might be replaced if they are worn out.

Your bike’s chain and essential parts of the derailleur will be lubricated with a top-quality lubricant to enable them to move effortlessly and offer you optimal performance.

So, now you understand that a bike tune-up at Rei includes cleaning the entire bike to get rid of dirty oil and greases, checking the bike’s gears and derailleur for any anomaly, and aligning the mechanism. Your bike’s drive chain is inspected for kinking and stretching; the tires are also checked for swellings, wear, and cracks. Additionally, the brakes are given a thorough inspection for wear and grip.

How Do I Tell When My Bike Requires a Tune Up?

A seasoned rider knows when the bike is ready for a tune-up. However, if you are a new cycle owner who hasn’t grasped the demands of your bike, ensure you observe your machine and take it for a tune-up when you witness the following signs:

1. Gear-Shifting Complications- A properly functioning gear has to shift without any difficulties. If you observe that your bike’s gear-shifting is not swift, it is time you consider taking it for a tune-up.

2. Squeaking-  Well-maintained cycles don’t produce a squeaking sound. If you hear the machine’s parts squeaking at any given time, it is time you thought of a tune-up.

3. Unresponsive Braking- Bicycles brakes are supposed to respond with optimal power when applied. If you experience braking difficulty, know that your bike is ready for a tune-up.

4. The Chain- If you haven’t replaced your chain for some time and it gives you some difficulties, the tune-up is the right thing to do. 

5. Rust- no part of the bike is supposed to have rust. Suppose you witness rust on your machine, especially on the drivetrain; beware that your machine requires a tune-up, or else it can’t perform optimally.

6. Gunk- Does your riding machine have unpleasant sticky gunk? If yes, the plausible option to take care of your two wheels is taking it for a tune-up.

Minor & Major Bike Tune Up

Minor & Major Bike Tune Up

There are two types of bike tune-up. Basic tune-up (Minor tune-up) and Full tune-up (Major tune-up). While minor tune-up involves cleaning the bike and changing worn-out parts like brakes, chains, and wheels, major tune-up goes a notch up. If your bike receives a major tune-up, its braking and shifting systems are restored to feel as good as new. The wheels get trued, and all bearing systems (the bottom bracket, hubs, and the headset) are greased and adjusted to prevent unnecessary wear from friction.

Should I Fix And Tune Up An Old Bike?

Yes, it is possible. But the quiz is, is it worth it? If, for instance, the quality of your old bike’s frame isn’t in a desirable condition, can you fix it? It is economically unsound to fix and tune up an old bicycle as it will break down soon. Instead of spending money on a machine that will embarrass you after a short while, consider acquiring a new bike.

Bike Maintenance Frequency

Your much-adored two-wheeled machine must have dented your pockets significantly when you acquired it. A good maintenance schedule for the machine ensures that it gives the best performance that makes you proud.

Plan maintenance of your cycle with a monthly schedule, or frequently depending on how you ride. For instance, if the route you ride is muddy and wet, you regularly clean the bike. Here below are some basic maintenance practices to ensure your cycle is in superb condition:

1. Wash The Bike Regularly 

Everyone likes a clean machine. Right? Ensure you clean your two wheels by washing them regularly. When washing, use water and diluted dishwashing soap or a bike wash cleaner. Be careful to avoid damaging bearing systems with water from a high-pressure hose pipe.

2. Lubing Frequently

Ensure you keep your cycle in good shape by lubing it regularly. Cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain with the right lube ensure your bike is in a top-notch form, and its performance will wow you. A well-maintained bike doesn’t wear off quickly, meaning less money is spent on repairs.

3. Avoid Lubricating The Chain With WD-40.

Many people believe that WD-40 is a lubricant. unfortunately, WD-40 is not a lubricant; it is a rust dissolver that loosens rust and enables parts to move freely. If you elect to use it as a lubricant, it can’t safeguard your bike’s moving parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Tune Up A Bike?

When you take your bike to Rei for a tune-up, the time it takes to tune it up depends on how many cycles are ahead of you. However, the time taken to complete a basic tune-up is between half an hour to one hour, whereas major tune-ups take a maximum of two hours.

How Often Should I Tune Up My Bike?

The frequency of tuning up a bike depends on how you use it. However, it is ideal to tune up your bike yearly or when you observe signs indicating that it needs a tune-up.


Bike tune-up ensures that your machine offers optimal performance. If you don’t know where to take your two wheels for a perfect tune-up, consider Rei as they provide reliable services at an affordable rate.

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