New Balance Vs. Nike- Which Type Of Shoes Are Best For Running?

Having the proper running gear is essential in helping you run faster and reduce the risk of injury while improving your running form. Moreover, getting a good pair of running shoes can also motivate those who find it hard to get the energy to begin exercising. Both New Balance and Nike shoes are good for running, but new balance is perfect for long distances while Nike is great for short distance runners. New Balance has a firm and cushioned ride, while Nike is not designed for stability. Therefore, depending on the runner’s style, they can expect to get around 200-400 miles of each shoe.

New Balance has been producing sholes for over 100 years, with many marathon runners using the brand for running. Until now, New Balance is still known for its classic running shoes with a wide toebox. Their no-fuss, no-frills options have made them more popular among runners.

Nike has been in the shoe market for about 56 years, and the brand has expanded widely. The brand is now a leading technologically innovative company. Nike has a wide selection of shoes that it’s challenging to generalize their sizing and fit. Both shoes are excellent choices for running. But we will dive into their differences much deeper to help you in your purchasing decision.

Differences Between New Balance And Nike Running Shoes

Differences Between New Balance And Nike Running Shoes

1. Durability

New Balance and Nike shoes have a fairly comparable lifespan. The life expectance for the New Balance shoe ranges from 300 to 500 miles or 3-6 months, depending on the runner’s monthly mileage. A Nike shoe will only give the runner about 200 miles, but some of the shoes may go up to the 300–500-mile range. Both shoes are designed to be long-lasting, although durability may also depend on various external factors.

When deciding how durable a shoe will be, you must also consider what you are using the shoes for, how often you are using them, and how hard you are with the shoes. The shoes may wear out faster if you use them to run 65 miles a week than they would if they were supposed to do 5 miles a week. Your upper, midsole, and outsole should also withstand your running miles without compromising the shoe’s comfort or shock absorption.

Choosing the most suitable shoe with a midsole and outsole perfect for your running style is essential in durability. It makes much more difference than the shoe’s actual quality.

2. Breathability

New Balance manufacturers utilize a HypoKnit upper, which wicks moisture and is breathable hence perfect for long-distance running. On the other hand, Nike uses FlyKnit for most of its shoes. FlyKnit is a more fitted style meaning that some areas are meant to be thinner and breathable while others are much thicker for support. When buying Nike or New Balance shoes, you should keep in mind that Gore-Tex shoes are water repellent and water-resistant and might therefore not be breathable.

3. Fit

One advantage of using New Balance shoes for running is that the brand offers wide widths and has a variety of sizes. This is why their popularity among runners keeps increasing. The shoes also have a very narrow 2A fitting, hence perfect for runners with slim feet. New Balance provides stability and support, and it is quite a comfortable shoe that you can wear all day. The wide options mean that every runner is included

On the other hand, Nike is known for its comfort, which may help you increase speed and is easy on your feet. The only downside about their fitting is that they can be pretty narrow from the toes to the midfoot.

Buying New Balance for running will give your toes enough room to wiggle; therefore, they are perfect for long-distance running. Their toe box is very spacious hence increasing comfort. Both New Balance and Nike brands work tirelessly to provide their customers with the best comfort and performance.

4. Cushioning

New Balance uses Fresh Foam ND FuelCell foam depending on the shoe. Both qualities provide runners with lots of cushioning without much weight. 

FuelCell is a nitrogen-infused foam that provides extra softness and responsiveness. 

Nike puts air in their shoes to enhance cushioning. The pressurized air is put in a tough a flexible bag providing more spring without compromising the shoe structure. The air technology is often combined with other cushioning too.

5. Stability

Nike’s stability shoes are slightly wider and designed with a curve helping the heel with heel-to-toe transitions. Although stability shoes prevent foot roll, they feel somewhat stiffer, which is not suitable for runners.

New Balance uses several tools in its shoes to provide stability. Since their shoes have a big platform, it naturally means more stability. New Balance shoes also have an S Curve helping with stability and an Ultra Heel flaring away from the ankle to provide comfort and keep the heel firmly in your shoe.

6. Pricing And Affordability

The prices for both shoes vary according to the shoe model you purchase in both brands. Shoes with advanced technology are highly-priced. Both Nike and New balance offer a wide variety of options through various price points.

When it comes to affordability New Balance is more affordable with their price ranging between $80 to $130 while Nike starts at a higher price of $120 to $180. The store location also determines how much the shoe will go for.


Which Shoe Should I Buy for Running?

As discussed above, both Nike and New Balance are excellent for running. However, New Balance Will make your long-distance running easier, while Nike is perfect for short distances. Both shoes differ based on features such as cushioning, pricing, stability, fitting, breathability, and durability.


New Balance has a variety of shoes that integrate modern fabrics, art design, and manufacturing technologies to ensure that the runner gets maximum support, comfort, and improved performance. New Balance shoes are more durable than Nike shoes, although some external factors may also affect durability. On the other hand, Nike shoes are perfect for on-road use only. Finding the perfect fit is essential so that you are more comfortable during the exercise.

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