What Is The Science Behind A Trampoline Double Bounce And How Does It Work?

As kids, we enjoy some things in life, but others extend until adult life. Jumping on a trampoline is one of them. People who jump on a trampoline enjoy doing tricks on it. Bouncing up and down is an activity that can bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter their age. One of the best tricks to do on a trampoline is the double bounce, requiring multiple jumpers. A double bounce is the use of a trampoline by two people simultaneously. The jumping person’s actions affect the other jumpers’ rebound. Double bouncing causes you to jump much higher than you would when jumping alone.

How Does The Double Bounce On A Trampoline Work?

How Does The Double Bounce On A Trampoline Work

Double bouncing uses the weight of at least two people to avert the trampoline’s mat downward and store extra energy in the springs. When two people jump together, they double down the kinetic energy as they hit the mat. Logically, this means that you double down on the potential energy that you transfer to the springs.

The trick to double bouncing is having two or more people forfeiting their energy. Therefore, rather than allowing the trampoline to bounce them into the air, they pull their legs back in. This causes the potential energy in the springs to go directly to the other jumper. Hence, in the end, the other jumper gets a double bounce and some extra air time for performing any trick they would like to.

What’s The Physics Behind A Double Bounce?

When two people are jumping on the trampoline together, one person lands onto an already downwards displaced trampoline, displacing it further downwards and reducing the upwards force applied to the first person who landed due to the further downward displacement. When the trampoline returns upwards, it pushes both people back up, although the second person will experience more force and bounce higher for more extended periods.

Although you can do a double bounce by timing, it is more effective when all jumpers land simultaneously. One of the jumpers should pull up their legs so that the others can push the trampoline down while only one is receiving the upwards force. Typically, only a single person is bouncing higher enough, and the rest barely bounce using some amount of momentum. Also, their leg muscles have to push the trampoline downward while the bouncer is landing on the trampoline. 

This method is safer for the person being bounced. If you are bouncing someone up high, it’s safer if they land on their stomach and do one or two backflips back onto their stomachs repeatedly. This method is secure since the center of mass is quite close to the trampoline’s surface; therefore, the bounce remains vertical without the potential of going off the trampoline at an angle.

Gravity helps you gain kinetic energy when you jump on a trampoline. And after hitting the trampoline, you start stretching the mat downwards, which transforms your kinetic energy into the potential energy and transfers it to the springs.

Doing Double Bounce On A Trampoline

Doing Double Bounce On A Trampoline

Assuming you want to perform a double bounce with two jumpers. The first person will be jumper A, and the second person will be jumper B. Jumper A will stand at the center of the trampoline and start jumping. Jumper B will stand near the trampoline edge and stay still, waiting for jumper A to bounce. 

After some time, jumper B should start jumping and ensure that they perfectly time each other. Jumper B should start jumping once jumper A hits the trampoline and stretches out towards the ground. Therefore, jumper B will be catapulting jumper A higher and higher after each jump.

Incorrect timing will not give you a double bounce effect. Moreover, jumper A will bounce less and less, and they will feel like jumper B is stealing or absorbing their bounce.

Is It Possible To Double Bounce Yourself On A Trampoline?

Yes, double bouncing yourself on a trampoline is possible. If you follow every step properly, you will double bounce yourself. First, you need to position yourself in the middle of the trampoline. Next, set the other person in one of the trampoline corners. If the trampoline is round, ensure that they stay as close to the edge as possible.

After everyone is in position, start jumping and do it repeatedly. Once the other jumper starts jumping, your bounce will go higher and higher. You can remain in a similar position initially or do a backdrop. You can also do any other trick you would like, to spice up your double bounce.

If you are the one double bouncing another person, you should position yourself at the edge of the trampoline and let the other person stay in the middle. After the person you want to double bounce starts jumping, plan your timing correctly and start jumping after hitting the mat. 

You must launch the other person into the air for a double bounce with each bounce. As you continue jumping, the other person will go higher and higher.

Can You Get An Injury When Double Bouncing?

Although trampoline tricks are fun, they can cause injuries if done incorrectly. You should not start adding other tricks immediately until you master this trick entirely when doing a double bounce. It would also help do a few solo bounces before diving into the double bounce. 

Double bouncing puts immense pressure on the spine and knees, so you should do some warm-up jumps before. If you are not careful, you risk suffering severe back injuries. When doing the double bounce, you should mind your positioning. Every participant should stand as far from each other as possible to avoid crashing into each other.


Double bouncing is simply jumping on a trampoline by two people or more simultaneously. When jumping, the actions of one bouncer affects those of the rest. When double bouncing, you can jump much higher than you can when jumping alone.

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