The Best Bikes For Speed

Choosing the best bike for speed, whether you’re an adrenaline freak or a rider looking for a fast thrill, isn’t always as simple as it used to be before the technological improvements in design, production, and technical procedures in the cycling industry. 

Bicycles have progressed and branched into a variety of categories, each aimed towards divergent demography. From fast dirt bikes to light climbers to supersonic racers, there’s something for everyone regardless of age or gender. In addition, speed bikes come with various characteristics that might confuse anyone shopping for or wanting to add a new product to their collection. With all of this in mind, making an informed decision comes down to personal preference, riding style, and landscape.

To help ease your selection headache, we have compiled a variety of the best fastest bikes on the market that will be informative in assisting you in selecting the best bike for speed.

List Of The Best Bikes For Speed







Below Is The Comparison Table Of The Best Speed Bikes

Bike TypeBrandMaximum SpeedFrame MaterialWeight
Canyon Aeroad CF SLXShimano Dura-Ace
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon
Ridley Noah Fast Disc Ultegra Di2Ridley Noah SL Ultegra
Quattro Carbon
Scott Foil 10Scott Foil24.8KM/HCarbon Frame8.075 Kgs
Cannondale System Six Hi-ModCannondale System Six


GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2Giant Propel Advanced


Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2



BMC Team Machine SLR01 TwoShimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9170
24.2 KM/H



Why should a cyclist opt for a high-speed bike? The finest light climbing bikes may perform well on steep terrain, but this will not be the case on flat, rocky, or rolling terrain. Therefore, maintaining the fastest bike for a given terrain necessitates meticulous attention to detail.

As the rivalry ramps up, firms continue to outperform one another in terms of new innovative measures that ensure their products go above and beyond quality. With time, significantly better bikes are likely to be available on the market.

Although we can’t tell you which bike is the best for speed, the ones discussed below will make it much simpler to discover your perfect fit.

The 6 Best Bikes For speed

1. Best Overall: Ridley Noah SL Disc Ultegra Di2.

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The Noah SL is a superb climbing bike, with a combination of solid construction, aerodynamic advantage, light finishing kit, and low frame weight — weighing in at a healthy 6.93kg (size 56cm).

The new Ridley Noah Fast was introduced in 2018, just for the Tour de Suisse and the Tour de France. André Greipel, who won two stages of the 2018 Tour of Britain on the bike in his final season at Lotto-Soudal, has already benefited from it.

Ridley’s on-site wind tunnel was utilized to create new, quicker tube profiles and enhance the overall aerodynamics of the new Noah Fast, all while saving 250 grams over its predecessor. The result is a bike that is not only attractive but also quick.

Features Of  The Ridley Noah Speed Bike

1. The Frame

The Ridley Noah Features a supreme frame that has a monocoque structure. The frame makes Noah the most aerodynamic of the road bikes.

2. Double Blade Design

The double blade design integrated into the Noah improves its performance. It increases drag by creating turbulence whenever the wheel turns.

3. Braking System

The bike uses a disc brake version that boasts a hydraulic hose layout and a fully integrated cable.

Advantages Of The Ridley Noah SL.

1. Exceptional Stability

2. Excellent  power transfer

Disadvantages Of The Ridley Noah SL.

1. Speed over comfort.

2. Best For Versatility: Scott Foil 10

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The 8.075kg Scott Foil 10 aims to strike a compromise between aerodynamics and weight to build a fast, all-terrain road bike.

Besides the cables and hydraulic disc brakes, this looks like the identical bike that Mat Hayman rode to win in the 2016 Paris-Roubaix.

It’s contoured to reduce aerodynamic drag while remaining lightweight. That matches the Foil’s appearance; the Kammtail tube forms are aerodynamically optimized but not the deepest in the game.

The thin, lowered seat stays offer a great deal of compliance as well. However, it isn’t significantly lighter on the scales, weighing 8.075kg in a size 58cm/XL. However, a few hundred grams has little influence on your riding speed.

Features Of The Scott Foil 10

1. Stiff And Excellent Pedaling: It has a smoother nature than other more aggressively designed aero bikes, and the front end feels precise, and pedaling stiffness is superb.

2. Rolling Resistance Tires: For 2021, Scott Foil 10 has specified 28mm tires across the range, and the 50mm deep Syncros rims have an exterior width of nearly 30mm at their widest point, so aero performance is not compromised. The tires have a more rounded shape with much sidewall support, thanks to their 21mm internal width. The Foil can officially accept tires up to 30mm wide, but there’s enough for more if you want to go all out.

3. eTap AXS: The eTap AXS groupset from SRAM provides the dependable and precise movement with a wide gear range. Front shifts are a tad slower than Shimano’s Ultegra Di2, and cross-chaining is a touch louder, but there’s not much to complain about. 

Advantages Of The Scott Foil 10.  

1. Superb on broken surfaces.

2. All rounded on comfort, optimized looks, and speed

Disadvantages Of The Scott Foil 10.

1. It is pretty expensive.

3. Best For Comfort: Cannondale System Six Hi-Mod

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System Six Technology is a Cannondale innovation. New System Six claims to be the quickest aero-road bike on the market by establishing a new pattern for system integration, thoroughly studying the bike as a whole and the relationships between all essential components.

Tube profiles that are asymmetrical aid in providing the optimum reaction to pedaling and braking effort. The top of the frame’s seat molding is removed, and the down tube has an aero seat post and several bottle cage locations. It transmits air from the back of the forkhead to the chassis at the base and the forkhead.

Features Of Cannondale System Six Hi-Mod

1. Frame

The Hi-MOD carbon frameset from BallisTec is light, rigid, and supple. Drastically adjusted frame tube profiles significantly reduce aerodynamic drag, allowing any rider to travel quicker on the flat and up to any climb with an average gradient of up to 6%.

2. Aero Seat Post

The wind-cutting frameset is complemented by an aero seat post, handlebar, and stem.

3. Wire Routing

Inside the frame, hidden and tidy wire routing reduces drag while allowing for easy serviceability.

4. Carbon Rims

The 64mm deep carbon rims on the Hollow Gram 64 KNOT wheelset have aerodynamically adjusted profiles for reduced drag and better crosswind stability.

5. Shimano Gear And Hydraulic Braking System

Electronic 11-speed Shimano Ultegra Di2 gears are precise and dependable. In addition, the hydraulic disc braking system from Shimano provides reassuring stopping power and control.

Advantages Of Cannondale System Six Hi-Mod.

1. Very comfortable ride.

2. Evo-quality handling.

3. They have an aero advantage.

Disadvantages Of Cannondale System Six Hi-Mod.

1. It’s expensive to acquire.

4. Best For Efficiency: GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2

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The Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 is built with an Advanced-grade composite frameset to maximize aerodynamic performance and make it simpler to attain and sustain incredible speeds with little effort.

With a 65mm rear rim and 42mm front rim, Giant’s tubeless Wheel System improves aerodynamics, adds control in crosswinds, and lowers puncture risk. In addition, the Shimano 105 groupset has a broad gear range of 22 for steep climbs and integrated hydraulic disc brakes for solid and dependable braking, allowing you to take on challenging terrain with confidence.

Giant’s Aero System Shaping technology is optimized by the Propel Advanced Pro, based on CFD analysis and dynamic wind-tunnel testing, for the lowest air resistance and maximum performance. As a result, the Propel Advanced Pro is the ideal pro-level road bike with the most excellent aero edge to keep you in the lead.

Features oO GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2.

1. Giant’s Aero System

They have a Giant’s Aero System that reduces drag and improves aerodynamic performance for maximum speed. 

2. Braking System

In most conditions, the integrated rim brakes provide reliable stopping and exceptional braking force.

3. Frame

They have a high-grade composite frameset that maximizes stiffness for a smooth, fast ride.

Advantages Of GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2.

1. Total Control: In most conditions, the new integrated rim-brake technology provides excellent braking performance. In addition, the integrated Giant Wheel System improves management even more with a 65mm deep rear rim and a shallower 42mm front rim for increased control in crosswinds.

2. Unrivaled Efficiency: The innovative integrated stem and handlebar give the frameset the best-in-class weight and stiffness. As a result, the cyclist can attain higher speeds with less effort, thanks to increased frame stiffness.

3. Integrated Aerodynamics: Aero System Shaping creates the highest aerodynamic performance at every yaw angle due to rigorous CFD analysis and dynamic wind tunnel testing. In addition, the Contact SLR/SL Aero cockpit and a redesigned truncated ellipse airfoil shape help give the best overall aero performance.

Disadvantages Of GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2.

1. Expensive to acquire.

5. Excellent Performance: Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2

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The Cervelo S5 is very light and as aero as a sliver. It all starts with a carbon layup that’s been fine-tuned for lateral and torsion rigidity while squeezing every gram out of it. Next, Cervelo’s aero geniuses hit high gear with a lowered down tube and an enlarged seat tube cutout, ensuring a seamless air transfer from the front to the back tire.

With brake-shielding seat stays and internal cable routing with a top-tube entrance, the wind-cheating magic continues. Cervelo’s colossal BBright bottom bracket delivers Enormous power transmission, while its famous shape makes it as comfortable as it is responsive and quick. Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 makes shifting as simple as a tap of the finger. ENVE SES 3.4 wheels, hyper-stiff Rotor 3D+ cranks, strong Shimano Ultegra brakes, Cervelo’s proprietary All-Carbon aero handlebars, and Fizik’s Antares seat is used to create this rocket.

Features Of Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2.

1. BBright Bracket

The asymmetrical 79mm bottom bracket standard makes frames and crank systems stronger and lighter.

2. Water Bottle Sleeve

The bike boasts an out-of-this-world design in aerospace by partially incorporating the water bottle into the down tube airfoil.

3. The Extended Seat And Seat Stays

The extended seat tube cutout, a close-fitting curve in the seat tube’s trailing edge concealing the leading edge and top of the rear wheel enhances aerodynamics. Additionally, the bike features exceptional seat stays.

4. BB Guide

The reduced-friction BB guide Reduces bottom bracket cable friction, resulting in smoother shifting, more straightforward setup, and longer service intervals.

Advantages Of Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2.

The S5 delivers an incredibly comfortable ride.

1. Aerodynamic performance.

2. Very fast and adjustable.

3. Superbly stiff and stable.

Disadvantages Of Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2.

1. The 35mm-deep wheels don’t get the best out of the frame.

6. Best For Shock Absorption: BMC Team Machine SLR01

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The BMC Team Machine SLR01 has triumphed in every major cycling event, including the Tour de France, the Olympics, World Championships, and challenging Classics. Despite its achievements, the machine continues to reign supreme, and the finest must change. The limits of sophisticated cycling technology are pushed to bring the new Team machine to market. It took a long time to create. The elite cyclists provide feedback since no one understands the Team machine better than them.

The new BMC Team Machine SLR01 Disc Two may not be the best deal on the market, but it’s one of the best carbon fiber, disc brake-equipped race bikes. It includes some fantastic technology and integration, therefore, blends excellent rigidity with unexpected comfort, providing a bike that’s right at home in a furious road race or a leisurely sportive.

Features Of BMC Team Machine SLR01.

1. Frame

Premium Carbon TCC Frame is stiff when needed. 

2. Fork

Premium Carbon Fork is engineered to flex, absorb shock and vibration.

3. Drivetrain

Sram Red eTAP 22 Speed Drivetrain for super-fast, light, and accurate shifting without the need for cables.

4. eTap HRD Brakes
SRAM RED eTap HRD Brakes for controlled stopping in all conditions.
6. Wheels And Tires

DT Swiss PRC 1400 SPLINE db. 35 Carbon Wheelset with 12mm Thru Axle is designed to give light and reliable performance.

The Vittoria Corsa 700 x 25mm tires for the fastest speed on the tarmac.

Advantages Of BMC Team Machine SLR01.

1. The Integrated Device Mount does not only help in mounting the GPS or camera but also keeps the cockpit clean.

2. The D-Shaped Seat Post and the Flat edge increases compliance.

3. The Specific Direct-Mount Design is optimized tube shapes hence enables improved braking performance.

4. Asymmetric Tube Design enables a balanced ride feel, stiffness where necessary, and yet compliant where desired.

5. The ultra-light Thru-Axle Design allows a proprietary, super-light thru-axle, and sandwich derailleur hanger to reduce additional weight.

Disadvantages Of BMC Team Machine SLR01.
  1. They have an ugly mechanical cable routing.

Why should a cyclist opt for a speed bike? It’s never simple to find a speed bike with a sturdy design and extra functionality. That necessitates precise information and comprehension of the type of bike you wish to ride.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bike For Speed

You can only find the ideal match after knowing what you want to do with your new bike. Thus, you will need to look into the following factors before choosing your new speed bike;

1. The Right Size

You’ll always feel uncomfortable and slow to adapt if you get the wrong bike size. It may also result in neck discomfort, back pain, and other stress problems. Loss of balance, sluggish riding pace, and numerous falls have also been reported.

You can avoid foot issues and stiffness by choosing the right bike size. As a result, before settling on the final bike component, you must consider each component. These elements are as follows:

1. Dimensions of the frame

2. Saddle

3. Position of the pedals

4. Height of the handlebar

Taking your body measurements, starting with your inseam and seat angle modifications, then determining your preferred handle height can help to alleviate sizing difficulties and provide the most comfortable ride.

2. Determining The Right Brake System

Bikes with slow-working brakes are more likely to be involved in accidents. To prevent such hazards, you need your brakes to be precise and efficient all of the time. Fortunately, there are a variety of brakes available for most bikes that are gaining favor among both professional cyclists and beginners:

1. Disc Brakes: Disc brakes are ideal for use in all types of weather. There are several types of brakes available, including cable disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. The former is easier to keep up with than the latter. Most bikes have cable disc brakes since they are powerful pieces of equipment. The hydraulic disc brakes, on the other hand, are more accurate to control. But they do require a bit of upkeep than cable disc brakes.

2. Rim Brakes: Rim brakes are the most efficient braking technology, second only to disc brakes. They are low-maintenance, require dry weather, and are simple to replace. However, they may not be as effective as disc brakes in different weather situations. With the use of hand levers and cables, rim brakes are directly connected to the brake. As a result, when pulling on each handle, the cable moves slightly, applying pressure and slowing down the process. 

Other notable brake systems include drum brakes, coaster brakes, and fixed-gear brakes.

3. Choosing The Right Gearing

Standard road and hybrid bikes come with a wide range of gears. Some bikes have single-gear performance, while others have 20 or more gears. In addition, the bike’s gearing system can become more precise and sophisticated as the chainrings, cogs, cranks, and the number of teeth on the cogs increase.

There are two crucial elements to consider when choosing the proper gearing system for your bike. First, unless you’re a powerful biker, a bike with many gears is more effective at maintaining a comfortable riding speed. So the number of gears you receive or have is determined by your strength and the terrain you will be riding on.

You will need as many gears as possible if you plan to ride your bike on hills and uneven terrain. Low gears are a good choice for flat surfaces such as footpaths. It makes the bike lighter and more maneuverable.

4. Choosing The Right Suspension System

Regardless of the terrain you’re riding on, the suspension system gives a smooth ride, whether front or rear. However, depending on the bike you want, each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Front suspension is the most common type of suspension in hybrid and mountain bikes. It’s a more durable option for smooth and effortless rides. In addition, if you are cruising on a flat surface or riding over rough terrain, a front suspension can help you keep a consistent speed and cadence.

When you have both front and back suspension, you have full suspension. This means that the bike absorbs shock from both the front and back ends, whether on a dirt path or a paved road. Although a full suspension bike adds weight to both the bike and the pedaling force, it provides more comfort when riding on an uneven route. In addition, when riding on rugged terrain, full-suspension bikes reduce vibration; this improves pedaling balance and stability.


The ideal speed bike will go over and above in terms of performance. However, to arrive at your perfect product, you will need a lot of information. Choosing the best bike for speed should be done carefully. If you fumble the choosing process, you will end up with a bike that will not only disappoint you but will also dent your pocket and compromise your performance. However, you should not let this dissuade you from obtaining what is best for you. Walk into your local bike dealer, use the above tips, and ride away with the best bike for speed.

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