Are Specialized Bikes Good?

Yes, specialized bikes are excellent and outstanding. The specialized brand is reputed for its quality. From the onset, specialized has been committed to manufacturing bikes that meet clients’ demands. Though the brand’s bikes are expensive, they are quality and durable. You will be pleased to learn that specialized bikes offer unrivaled performance and they are well cushioned to protect the rider from impacts.

What Is The History Of The Specialized Brand Of Bikes?

History Of The Specialized Brand Of Bikes

The company was started in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, who acquired $1500 from the sales of his Volkswagen Microbus and used the proceeds to set up a business. He started by purchasing Italian bike parts coveted in California and used a bike trailer to move around with them from one store to the other. In 1976, specialized produced a road tire as its first product. The motivation behind producing the tire was Sinyard’s dissatisfaction with the tire in the market at that time. After the tire, Sinyard partnered with a frame builder named Tim Neenan, and they spent some years producing excellent road frames.  In 1981, Specialized stunned the bicycle world with its well-engineered mountain bike christened the Stumpjumper. Even though the Stumpjumper was not the first mountain bike in the market, it went into the record as the first to be mass-produced. Fast forward, Specialized is producing the best bikes that resonate well with cyclists though they are pricey.

Racers have often propelled their names while riding to victory atop Specialized brand at world championships. The brand celebrated its bike’s achievement in 2012, where its racer managed Olympic Gold. 

What Makes Specialized Bikes Popular?

1. Best Performance

It is undeniable that Specialized bikes have the edge over the rest. Though it is hard to judge the bike’s performance from one brand to the other, specialized, have found a way to outmuscle its quality competitors and the results are evident.

The mantra championed by Specialized that riders make its bikes for riders has resonated well with cyclists. According to statics given by, cyclists on the Specialized brand amassed more victories than other bikes in all competitions held as of May 2021.

These victories are a statement that it is not by chance that the brand’s bikes are dominating, but they are built to provide optimal performance.

2. Exceptional Suspension

Every rider can attest that a bike’s suspension dictates the level of comfort a cyclist will enjoy when riding. Comfort also influences the level of the rider’s control of the bike. Most of the bikes in the market offer suspension systems that require regular fine-tuning, and if a rider gets it wrong, the result can be embarrassing.

This is the area where specialized outsmart its competitors. They have engineered their suspension system to remedy all problems of constant fine-tuning. Their suspension system is christened “Future Shock Rear” or simply “FSR.” The suspension system works in a unique way whereby it addresses chain and brake loads separately.

Separating loads makes each type of shock easier to tackle effectively without affecting the other’s performance.

Specialized bike’s suspension system features an AUTOSAG tuning system, which will automatically tune the FSR to the rider upon pressing a button.

3. Superior Quality

The brand’s innovations have been perfected with the use of superior materials that are engineered to precision.

The company is known to build its bike components in its innovation labs. Owning their component producing lab enabled the company to be among the first to adopt 3D printing and forging technologies.

Every component engineered and used by the company to produce their brands is customized and can be relied upon to provide the best performance. The brand’s frames, be it Carbon, titanium, aluminum, or steel alloys, are well built to offer an appealing finish and assured longevity.

4. Durability 

Specialized offers a lifetime warranty on their bikes, and it is not a gimmick. Their brands are built to last. Given proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy the services of their brands for many years.

If you spot an old folk riding a 1990 Hardrock down the street, don’t be alarmed. The bike must have been well maintained, and it will give a smooth ride as if it is new.

5. Appealing Design

 When it comes to design geometry, Specialized tops as the best innovators. Besides their Stumpjumper topping as the most mass-produced mountain bike frame, the brand’s S-Works frames are dominating the Enduro frame section to date. 

The Best Bike From Specialized

The Best Bike From Specialized

Although it is difficult to single out one bike from their brand and drum support for it, I have picked one of their finest and will elaborate on its features.

1. Men’s Diverge Expert X1

The diverge expert X1 is a versatile bike that can cruise on gravel and roads with comfort. It was engineered to ride on smooth roads and rugged terrains. The bike’s designers incorporated features that make the bike a joy to ride regardless of the terrain or the prevailing weather condition.

Features Of Specialized Diverge Expert X1

1. Tire Clearance

The bike features tires measuring (700 by 42) mm with sufficient room for mud. This tire can ride with ease on gravels and dirty roads, thanks to the wide tire that makes clearance possible.

2. FACT-9 Frame

The bike comes with a FACT-9 carbon frame which is lightweight but sturdy. The frame is capable of supporting you no matter what the gravel throws the bike’s way.

3. Open Road Geometry

The bike design features a unique open road geometry as opposed to the usual cross geometry. This frame offers easy handling.

4. Future Shock

The future shock featured in the Diverge Expert X1 absorbs shocks while riding on gravel roads and rugged terrains. 

5. Drivetrain And Braking System

The drivetrain consists of a full SRAM Force 1 groupset, and it uses a hydraulic disc braking system.


Besides Specialized bikes being pricey, they are the best available in the cycling industry today. Some might argue that they are the same as competitor brands, but the bottom line is, specialized bikes are good, and evidence is out there for everyone to see.

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