List Of Best Pace Calculator For Running In 2022

Everyone who likes to work out, do training, or run should invest in a pace calculator. A running pace calculator aids in calculating time, distance, and run pace. It is important to track pace and time as it helps runners and trainers run and train better. Many trainers and runners invest in GPS running watches that calculate their pace. A GPS running watch is wearable and provides running information to the wearer. These GPS running watches are designed for cyclists, runners, high-intensity interval trainers, and those who like to do brisk walking. 

What Is Special About Pace Calculators/ Running Watches

Running Watches

The watch is equipped with an integrated GPS receiver and extra electronic components. It gives the user information and data before, during, and after running. Users can wear the watch casually, and it has features that will benefit runners. 

It can act like a smartwatch, although there are differences between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. Runners need GPS if they want key metrics like pace and cadence. 

If they aren’t looking for those statistics and want to track basic time and laps, different options are available. There are different types of running pace calculators, and this article will inform and guide on which is the best pace calculator and which features are important.

Best 3 Running Watches To Buy

Best Running Watches To Buy

1. Garmin Forerunner 55: Best Running Watch for Beginners

The watch is available on Argos and Amazon. The watch is mainly for beginners and offers all the guidance required for running. It has recovery time before the next run, race prediction, and training plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon events. 

The watch also gives suggested workouts to do daily to maintain consistency.

It has a good battery lifespan of twenty hours of GPS use and lasts two weeks. GPS is reliable, and the watch has a heart rate, a tracker, and customizable workouts. It is a great all-around tracker that runners of all levels need. It is waterproof, has a built-in GPS, and has Bluetooth/ ANT+.

2. Garmin Forerunner 245 music: The best all-round running watch

The watch launched in 2015 and was known as Forerunner 245. It was a favorite of all the runners and offered the perfect balance of price and features. The watch is available on Argos and Amazon. It needed an update since the latest watches had more features. Garmin Forerunner was launched later and offers everything a runner needs and much more. 

It has an inbuilt GPS, trustworthy and easy-to-use tracking that uses an array of sensors. It has a splendid accurate visual heart rate monitor and offers incorporated workouts. It exhibits full training plans for different events that users follow from their wrist. 

It comes in two versions, the basic 245 and 245 music. The latter is more expensive as it has a music feature. Users can transfer their music playlist, and the watch is linked to Spotify Premium account to update their playlist wirelessly. 

The battery lifespan is twenty-four hours of GPS tracking, six hours of GPS with music, and seven days. It is waterproof, has a heart rate tracking feature, and has Bluetooth/ ANT+.

3. Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular: Best Smart watch for runners

The watch allows runners to view their statistics on the watch while running. The latest feature in series 6 is a SpO2 sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation which should be tracked as a part of general health. GPS tracking is much more accurate than the previous Apple series.

 Another change is that the screen is always on and is much brighter and advantageous for runners, especially on sunny days. The watch works with all the most popular apps, such as Strava iSmoothRun, and gives all the stats required.

The cellular version costs a bit more, and the watch doesn’t need the user to be with their phone. The watch works well without the phone streaming music and updates on all calls, texts, and emails while running.

It is waterproof and has a battery lifespan of eighteen hours, seven hours with GPS, and six hours of GPS+ music. It has a heart tracking device and has Bluetooth and ANT+. 

Choosing The Best Running Watch

The buyer must know their budget and what features they want in their pace calculator. A running watch with built-in GPS records routes and lengths of the run accurately and independently. 

Nonetheless, if their budget is tight, they can get a running watch calculator, which costs less. This is a simple fitness tracker that connects to the GPS receiver in the mobile phone. Runners can also buy a pace calculator with an accelerometer to estimate how far they ran. 

Pace calculators of a higher price range have extra features and are ergonomic comfortable. If trainers or runners want a running watch with a higher battery lifespan, advanced training features, or a versatile smartwatch, they will find the tracker in the highest range.

What Are The Most Important Features?

Every pace calculator user should have certain features in their running watch. GPS is a crucial feature; a cheaper pace calculator will not give accurate data. Monitoring heart rate is required because it creates a guided running workout depending on the user’s fitness level. 

Another important feature is battery lifespan; it is imperative to check how long the watch lasts with the most exact GPS engaged setting. Approximately eight hours of GPS will last for a week while training. The more expensive smartwatches last up to twenty-four hours of continuous GPS use on a single charge, which lasts at least three weeks of all-around use.

Other Features To Look Out For

Advanced watches have more features other than GPS tracking. These features include calculating each workout’s effect on the user’s fitness, a VO2 max estimation, and how long to rest before the next run. 

Another feature is Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity. The feature allows the watch to use external sensors, such as a foot pod or a heart rate strap which is more accurate than a wrist-borne tracker. If users use any running app, the smartwatch should upload the running data on the app.

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