How Do I Spot Fake Puma Shoes?

It isn’t easy to differentiate between the real thing and a false one. Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and Nike are undoubtedly some of the most well-known and globally respected brands. They are a mark of sophistication and beauty. This explains why there are so many counterfeits available. Today’s rogue producers are pretty skilled at producing nearly identical knockoffs. They still don’t think it’s pleasant or elegant enough for them. Be on the lookout for impersonators to prevent being duped. You must be able to distinguish between a genuine Puma shoe and a counterfeit one. Several hacks such as pricing and labeling will indicate whether or not your Puma shoes are authentic.

Essential Hacks to Determine Authenticity of Puma Shoes

Hacks to Determine Authenticity of Puma Shoes

Keep an Eye Out for the Colors

Puma shoes are available in many colors and are only accessible through Puma stores. The firm that manufactures these shoes does not make them in any other color except Puma’s authentic colors. If you want to know the official colors of Puma sneakers, you may check out their official website. Having a strange color on your shoes increases the likelihood that they are not authentic.

Puma Brand Comes Well Packed

Puma and other well-known brands frequently go above and beyond when packaging their products. Be wary of inadequate packaging that does not use quality materials or goods that appear to have been opened. 

It is possible to learn more about how different brands package their products by conducting an internet search. Packaging is usually a reliable indicator of whether a product is genuine.

Look at the Logo

Puma’s name and brand are found at the top of each heel and the sole’s bottom. The shoe is not authentic when this emblem does not appear in either of these two locations. 

It is also possible that you will locate the logo in the correct location but discover it is not in the right spot or has not been properly glued down. This is an indication that the shoes aren’t one-of-a-kind. 

Pay Close Attention to the Tags and Labelling on the Items

Take the time to carefully examine the labels of the items you intend to purchase. Many pieces of information are printed on most original Puma product labels, including serial numbers, bar codes, size designations, trademark and patent information, country of manufacture, recycling symbols, etc. 

However, not all this information is printed on all labels. When someone is making a fake, they are unlikely to take the time to make every single detail; thus, they will most likely leave part of this out.

Pay close attention to the tags as well. There is little doubt that you will have a solid notion of what the product looks like after viewing the label.

Look for the Anti-Counterfeit Label on the Product

This is another method of determining whether or not your Puma shoes are authentic. Simply opening your eyes and looking for the label “Official Licensed FI Product” is all that is required. 

This should be on the bottom of all Puma footwear. It is typically available in red, blue, green, and black, although it can be made in any color.

Keep an Eye Out for Variants

Keep an Eye Out for Variants

Original Puma shoes do not have different labels than other Puma shoes. If your shoes have the words “samples” or “variants” on the bottom, they are likely fake because they are not real. 

Furthermore, unless you have a fantastic deal of trust in the individual who produced the shoe, a Puma shoe that says “custom” is more likely a fake. It will help if you look for labels with various names to avoid being caught with fake sneakers.

Consult the Official Website for More Information

You can look at the brand’s official website to discover what colors and styles are available for you to purchase. Make sure that the product model you are using is accurate. 

Double-check and triple-check the product before using it. Strange forms, shoddy stitching, and different materials from the original indicate that a product is not the same as the one purchased from a store or warehouse.


Isn’t it strange that a product like a pair of Puma shoes can sell at a low price? Has this deal seemed too reasonable to be true? Is it possible that it is? When it comes to pricing, you should always be honest with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with getting a fantastic deal on something, but avoid purchasing items below their genuine market value. Consider how someone can sell something at such a low price.

Keep in mind that there are decent deals and spectacular deals. Some deals seem to be too good to be true. People should exercise caution when participating in these transactions because the likelihood of being scammed is high.

When a deal is this excellent, it’s best to pause and consider your options. They should be expensive unless you were lucky enough to find a good deal on a pair of genuine Puma shoes. It’s critical to look for other indicators that a pair of Puma shoes are not authentic.

What Store Did You Purchase From?

Sometimes the store where you buy Puma shoes can inform you if the shoes are authentic or not. Genuine Puma shoes can be purchased from a retailer that specializes in sneakers. You can examine the shoes in person to determine whether or not they are authentic. 

Furthermore, authentic Puma-only websites sell authentic footwear. Fake Puma shoes are easily obtained from individuals unfamiliar with the brand or through websites that are not functional. 

You are your best defense to protecting yourself against fraud. One critical thing you can do is report and discuss your encounters with counterfeit products. It will go a long way towards weeding out questionable dealers and sanitizing the market.

The Bottom Line

Many fraudsters have made it a priority to counterfeit brands like Puma Shoes. It is up to you to distinguish a fake from the original product. Small details such as packaging, cost, the material used, skewed logos, and searching Puma’s official website will save you the trouble of buying a fake product.

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