How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking For An Hour?

You are projected to burn approximately 100 calories per mile when walking. Because you can walk around 12 minutes in every mile, you can burn 1200 calories. The information implicates that walking is an excellent type of exercise. You do not need any special equipment to undertake a walk neither do you need to pay for anything. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It is the simplest way to burn calories. Walking is easy to start and maintain.

The Awesome Way To Calculate Your Calories Burned In Walking For An Hour

 Calculate  Calories Burned In Walking For An Hour

Calories per mile calculations use charts and detectors to know how far you have walked and the number of calories you have burned. Here you will use the charts to note the calories burned per mile. It is also linked to the calculator that you can enter your pace and distance walked.

The Met Formula

MET formula can calculate the exact estimates of the number of calories you burn walking. An online calorie calculator can also help. The formula utilizes metabolic equivalents. They are numbers estimating the level of the body’s hard work at a given time.


1. Finding the value of MET for the activity you are undertaking.

2. Divide the number of pounds obtained by 2.2 to convert it to kilograms.

3. Then you multiply your obtained MET value by 0.0175 and then by your weight in kilograms.

4. You finally calculate your final calorie burn by multiplying the result by 60.

The website has a compendium that can accommodate a lot of activities taking place. You will have to calculate your weight first in kilograms, but you will also look into your activity on the compendium. You will also have to use the drop-down site, which is labeled ‘activity categories.’The menu will give you many options, and you will choose the walking option. 

Select the sports option and read the MET value from the compendium, mainly the most updated value. When the MET value is blue, it means there are published studies that support that value. If it is an estimate, it will be written in red.

The Equation;

MET value has to be multiplied by the weight of the calories you burn per hour. If you know the number of calories you burn in half an hour, you divide it by two. If you want to know the amount for a quarter an hour, you divide by four. If you walk for an hour, the equation for the calories burned in a 175-pound person will be 79.38 x 10 = 739.8 calories per hour.

Because everybody has a different metabolic rate even when they are resting, the rate at which people of the same weight burn calories can differ slightly. Various factors bring about the difference. The difference in this nature does not consider sex, age, body fat, body mass, and altitude. It is determined by the distance traveled.

How This Formula Works

I will demonstrate how the calculator works; suppose I am 70 kg; after walking for one hour, I will use the metabolic equivalent table corresponding to 3.0 METs. When doing the calculations, I will multiply weight in kilograms and the MET and the time that I am walking. You must note that 1 MET = 1kcal/ kg/hr.

Calories burned will then be = 70kg x 6kcal/kg/hr. x 1 = 420 kcalories burned.

You will not have to consider the characteristics such as sex and age when applying this formula. You will only need to use estimates. 

Devices Used 

1. Fitness Trackers

Wearing a fitness watch is the best way of tracking your calories burned as you walk for one hour. You can as well use a calorie-tracking app. Both options will require that you key in your age, weight, gender, and activity level. The trackers operate by using the distance you cover, time, and heart rate to find your caloric burn data. Wearable devices can also estimate the number of calories you burn using GPS and the data report. 

2. Fitbit Charge 4

It is the synonymous fitness tracker that you must consider. It is a brand that enhances the quality of fitness tracking. It uses GPS tracking hence giving you the exact rate of calorie burn. It uses the step count, heart rate, evaluation, and monitoring to enhance precision in calculating the calorie count per one-hour walk you are looking for. You will have to track your exercise in one place. You will also be able to do monitor the entire session because of its long battery life. The features that it contains track the number of calories burn accordingly.

3. HONOR Band 5

When calculating calorie burn in your body, HONOR 5 is one of the devices that will help you achieve correct precisions. It monitors the levels of oxygen saturation in your blood. You will be able to learn the adaptability of your body as you undertake your workouts. You will also be able to receive color-coded text as a form of communication from the device.

4. Garmin Rubber Forerunner 35

The device is suitable for both men and women. You will be able to calculate your calorie burn within one hour of your walk with less strain. You can use it in both lightweight and heavyweights. It is a wrist-based heart rate built. A GPS is also attached to enhance your pace, distance, and intervals as you walk. The device counts your steps, intensity, minutes, and calories. It reminds you of the right time to move.

How Does Walking Calorie Burn Calculator Work?

The walking calorie burn calculator uses the technique of estimating the number of calories you burn while walking. The calculators consider the grade of the surface that you are walking on. The total distance you have walked and your weight is combined to generate the estimates of calories burnt. Your calculator will also consider the incline and decline of the surface you are walking on. It is believed that as the incline increases, more calories are burnt in the process, while as you decline in your walking, calories burnt declines. 

You calculate the number of calories burnt while walking because you have to consider the walking distance and the walking time. To determine the walking surface grade, you will add -5 to +5 because your calorie burn calculator involves equations. The experimental data is necessary for your approximate answer. You will also include a metabolic equation for the consumption of oxygen as you walk. 

Take Away

Calorie burn within an hour of walk is possible to calculate. It is the easiest way of burning calories. Walking to burn calories is not only the best way but the safest way of burning calories. The method we used calculating calorie burn is the most effective.

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