Do Running Socks Make A Difference?

Yes. Running socks make a great difference to the runner’s performance. Unlike standard socks, running socks’ design eliminates blisters, wicks moisture, enhances breathability, and provides comfort, hence affording runners ample time to focus on the race without worrying much about the safety of their feet. Additionally, some socks have outstanding arch support abilities that ensure your heels are held in place to avoid instances of injury to Achilles tendons and ankles. The right pair of socks on an athlete’s foot provides a heavenly running experience. It is pointless for a runner to purchase an excellent pair of running shoes if the accompanying socks are of poor quality. Using a substandard pair of running socks leads to friction that forms blisters, negatively impacting your performance.

What Is Special About Running Socks?

What Is Special About Running Socks

Running socks employ blister-resistant technology in their manufacture. Most of them come with double layers that absorb friction and wick away moisture, keeping blisters at bay. Another area of improvement is the cushioning attributed to modern running socks. The cushioning level varies from brand to brand, but the bottom line is, the designing principle is the same in all brands. The padding protects the areas of your foot that receive the most impact. The most cushioned areas are the heels, toes, and the sole portion of the sock.

Some modern running socks come with additional thread woven unto them from bottom to top to protect the joints. The thread achieves this feat by acting like a bandage. Another special feature synonymous with modern running socks is their ability to employ pressure sensors. The sensors help resist natural motions, which are mostly observed towards the end of the race and are associated with most injuries.

Benefits Of Appropriate Running Socks

Benefits Of Appropriate Running Socks

Everyone is aware that appropriate running socks thwart blisters. But this article looks deep into the major benefits of using proper running socks and how they make a difference to a runner.

1. Prevention Of Skin Friction

Standard socks accelerate the chances of developing blisters due to their fit and style. Unlike running socks, normal socks don’t fit the runner’s feet snugly; thus, there are chances of rubbing off. Additionally, materials used to make standard socks are of low quality, meaning they cannot minimize friction and wick off moisture when running.

On the other hand, running socks feature a special design that keeps friction minimal, thanks to their thickness and the materials used in their production.

2. Minimizing Injuries

Some areas of our running feet are more susceptible to injuries than others. Such areas include the ankle bones and the big toe. Such regions require maximum protection, and the only way to ensure that protection is by cushioning them optimally.

A good pair of running socks does a marvelous job of protecting vulnerable parts of your foot, courtesy of the extra padding afforded to such areas. When choosing the right socks to offer you protection while running, be mindful of the weather because different socks suit different weathers.

3. Maintenance Of Sound Foot Health

A runner’s feet are equivalent to the bike’s wheels. In the same scenario, as the cycle requires top-notch wheels to perform optimally, you also must have healthy feet to perform better in a run. A correct pair of running socks is one way of ensuring that your feet health is good as you take to the trails.

One major cause of bad health to a runner’s foot is much sweating. Too much sweating of your feet when running results from poor breathability and lack of moisture-wicking abilities in your footwear. Feet that sweat much tends to stink after running. Such a scenario is limited by using a good pair of running socks capable of providing better breathability and wicking away excessive moisture. 

Running socks with moisture-wicking abilities allows moisture to pass from the feet via the running shoes. With this simple action, runners are afforded cool and fresh feet during running time. Fresh feet are healthy feet since they don’t get blistered and become a bacterial breeding ground.

4. Prevention Of Foot Swelling

The main reason your feet swells after running is due to the prevention of blood flow throughout your feet. Correct running socks such as compression socks assist in pushing blood beyond the ankles enabling free blood flow, thus, minimizing cases of foot swelling.

5. Comfortability

Running socks imitates the shape of your foot, hugging you perfectly to provide comfort as you concentrate on your run. The foot-hugging action improves the natural feel of your running feet to the point of forgetting that you have a pair of running socks on your feet.

Best Running Sock

Smartwool PhD Pro Endurance

The PhD Pro Endurance are rugged running socks made from 57% merino wool, 38% nylon, 4% elastane, and 1% polyester. The socks have lightly cushioned underfoot and comfy padding around the Achilles and ankle areas. The PhD Pro Endurance has better breathability and keeps your feet dry throughout the running period.


1. Breathable And Durable

The socks’ design ensures optimal breathability and durability, thanks to Indestructwool technology used in their production. Toe wear is also kept minimal courtesy of shred shield technology also employed in building the socks.

2. Ankle Cushioning

The design of the socks protects your ankles when running on rugged trails. PhD Pro Endurance has a targeted sole cushion that enhances protection without compromising weight.

3. Fitting

The socks come with a 4 Degree Elite Fit System that fits snugly to your feet to provide comfort when tackling the running trails.


1. Comfortable fitting.

2. It Resists odor.

3. Durable.


1. Expensive.

Choosing Good Running Socks

1. Material

Ensure you settle on synthetic fiber that has good moisture-wicking abilities.

2. Thickness

Choose reasonable thickness. Good running socks should neither be too thin nor too thick.

3. Cushioning

The socks you select must have added padding on vulnerable parts such as toes and heels.

4. Fit And Seams

Ensure the socks fit snugly, and they don’t rub on the skin.


Do Running Socks Prevent Injuries?

Yes. Modern running socks have the ability to minimize injuries to the runner. For instance, some socks use pressure sensors to avert deviation from the natural movement of your leg, thus eliminating injuries occurring due to unnatural motion.


Running socks mean a lot to runners. They make a difference when running by positively impacting performance and ensuring the safety of the runner.

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