Does Walking With A Weighted Vest Build Muscles?

Yes, walking with a weighted vest is a proven way to build muscles. Wearing a weighted vest while walking compels your body to work harder to cope with added weight. In the process, your muscles tend to work together, resulting in muscle gain. Besides muscle building, the weighted vest also assists in strengthening your bones. Strong bones don’t break easily and can successfully keep bone diseases like osteoporosis at bay. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Weighted Vest?

 Benefits Of A Weighted Vest

Although many argue that it is strenuous to exercise with a weighted vest, people who use it benefit in many ways. This article explains the benefits associated with weighted vests in walking or any other exercise. We have also discussed precisely the factors to consider before selecting the best vest to assist you in your exercising task. Keep reading until the end to expand your exercising knowledge.

1. Burning Extra Fats

If you desire to burn calories, a weighted vest is the best exercising gear to incorporate in your walking exercise. The added weight to the vest increases substantial challenges to your practice. The added weight combines with the already strenuous exercise multiplying the intensity that helps you burn extra fats at a high rate. 

One commendable aspect of the weighted vests is that they are customizable. You are allowed to increase or decrease weight at your discretion. If you increase the weight gradually and steadily, the vest will enhance your endurance in the long run.

With enhanced endurance, your exercising becomes consistent. Consistent exercising enhances your cardiovascular health. Remember, the added weight forces the body to work harder; thus, it will demand extra oxygen. The heart also works hard to pump the extra oxygen required, resulting in better cardiovascular health.

2. Enhanced Muscles And Bone Strength

A weighted vest compels your body to work hard to acclimatize to the added weight. The weight also makes your muscles work together, resulting in their strength.

Exercising with a weighted vest strengthens your bones and boosts the chances of fighting bone diseases like osteoporosis.

3. It Maintains Body Balance 

The most significant benefit of walking with a weighted vest is improving your body posture, balance, and responsiveness. Wearing the vest for the first time might force you to bow due to extra weight. However, after some exercises, you get used to the weight and practice vigilance to stand upright.

This struggle to maintain your posture and balance while wearing the vest improves the body’s responsiveness at long last. Even when you decide to exercise without the vest, the body’s balance and awareness will be enhanced.

4. Speed Improvement

If you want to enhance your competition speed, it is advisable to incorporate a weighted vest in your training. When you train with added weight and face the actual race without the vest, be sure your speed improves tremendously. You will always run faster because nothing is weighing you down now, unlike when you were training.

Tips Of Walking With A Weighted Vest To Burn Calories

Tips Of Walking With A Weighted Vest To Burn Calories

Experts assert that if you take a 2.5-mile walk with a weighted vest weighing 15% of your body weight, you will burn 12% more calories than when you cover the same distance without the vest. However, when walking with a weighted vest, you are advised to follow the following tips;

1. Avoid wearing ankle or wrist weights. Any weights on your hands must be avoided since they might lead to muscle imbalances.

2. Suppose you have an existing neck or back condition, don’t use a weighted vest. It will do you more harm than good by escalating the situation.

3. If you wish to use the vest and it is your first time, take a precaution by seeking medical advice.

4. If you have problematic knees, hips, ankles, and feet, avoid walking with a weighted vest as its weight exerts added stress to the joints.

The Best Weighted Vest Of 2021

Now that we have established that a weighted vest helps in muscle building let’s discuss the best-weighted vests currently available in the market.

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ZFOSports Weighted Vest

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The ZFOSports weighted vest is an exceptional workout gear designed for men. However, it can also be used by women, thanks to the adjustable straps featured in the vest.

Features Of The ZFOSports Weighted Vest

1. Variable Weights

The vest comes in weights of 30,40,60 and 80 pounds. Weights are adjustable in 3.8 increments.

2. Roomy Pockets

The vest boasts roomy pockets that accommodate your phone, keys, and other valuables while walking. There is also an added pocket for carrying a water bottle.

3. Durability

The vest is strong enough to last for an extended period. Besides durability, the vest is also versatile, meaning it can be used in several workout activities such as jogging, walking, gym, and many more.


1. Versatile.

2. Long-lasting.

3. Comfortable.

4. Roomy pockets


1. Not compatible with small bodies.

Prosourcefit Weighted Vest

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The Prosourcefit weighted vest is a quality gear that doesn’t dent your pockets. The vest is ideal for walking and can be used by men and women.


1. Mesh Back Pocket

The mesh pocket is ideal for carrying your phone and other valuables while walking.

2. Balanced Weight

The weights are uniformly balanced within the vest to deter any slipping when doing the walking or any other workout.

3. Adjustable Fit

The vest boasts top and bottom adjustable buckles that fit most heights.


1. Affordable.

2. Comfortable fit.

3. It has a roomy pocket.


1. It comes with a Fixed weight.

What To Consider In A Weighted Vest

If you are in search of the best weighted vest, consider the following factors:

Breathability- Choose a fabric with better moisture-wicking abilities and excellent breathability.

Adjustability- The vest should allow easy addition or subtraction of weight.

Balanced- ensure weights are uniformly distributed.

Fit- choose a well-fitting vest. A snug fit will suit you better.


When appropriately used, a weighted vest helps in building muscles and strengthening your bones. However, if you have existing issues with your back, hips, and other joints, avoid their use as they escalate the situation.

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