A Detailed Guide to Cleaning Brooks Running Shoes

Do you own a pair of Brooks running shoes, and you are worried about the process of cleaning them when they accumulate dirt? Stop beating yourself and pay attention to the content on this page. Generally, cleaning Brooks running shoes is an easy task. You can hand wash them easily and pull them on confidently for your next run after they have dried.bolsa de pierna decathlon
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Why Should I Wash My Brooks Shoes After Running?

Wash My Brooks Shoes After Running

It is common knowledge that running with dirty shoes that have seen some use previously is an unpleasant experience. Imagine the odor that might emanate from the shoes if you are a sweating type! Additionally, you should wash them as soon as possible after your run to avoid drying out and hardening or mildewing! 

The stink will never disappear if you put wet shoes in a gym bag or trunk! Even if your shoes aren’t visibly dirty or stinky, wash them once in a while to help them live longer, regardless they’re pricey or not. You will get the most out of your shoes and develop a healthy relationship with them when you keep them clean.

This article will take you through the cleaning process of your Brooks shoes by hand without using a washing machine. You will also learn what to avoid during the cleaning process. Read on!

What is the Process of Cleaning Brooks Shoes?

Process Of Cleaning Brooks Shoes

When cleaning your shoes, the best thing is to hand wash them as it has many advantages over using a washing machine. Below are steps to follow when hand washing your Brooks running shoes:

1. Clean the Bottom

The first step is removing any mud or dirt from your shoes. This way, you can remove the dirt in your shoes’ outsoles. It will help when you are washing later correctly, and you should also do it perfectly and consistently to remove as much dirt as possible from the shoes.

2. Shoelaces

After removing dirt from the shoe’s bottom, remove the shoelaces from your Brooks shoes. It would be best to put them aside so you can wash them separately.

3. Damp Cloth

This is where you prepare your warm water. Ensure you prepare a suitable detergent by dissolving it in warm water. Once the mixture is well, get a towel and dampen it in water. The towel must absorb and soak up as much water as possible. 

Once the towel dampens appropriately, you can gently start hand washing your shoes. It would be best to scrub your Brooks shoes gently with a hand towel to remove the dirt. Once all the dirt is gone, you can wash the shoelaces separately. Please ensure you use the same mixture you used in cleaning the shoes.

4. Rinse

Once you are satisfied with your washing, you can rinse with water. When rinsing, you should be thorough so that all the dirt from the shoes is gone. Ensure you rinse twice or thrice to cleanse the Brooks shoes’ detergents. 

Once satisfied with the shoes’ rinsing, you can go to the next process. Remember to do every step diligently.

5. Remove The Insoles

The next part is to remove the shoes’ insoles to separate them from the shoes. This way, you can wash the insoles properly to cleanse them well. Once you are happy with the cleanliness of the insoles, you can now try and dry them in the hanging line. Always remember to wash the shoe insoles separately.

6. Stuffing

The almost-final stage of cleaning the brooks shoes is stuffing the shoes with a newspaper. Stuffing with the newspaper helps the shoe maintain its shape to avoid decreasing in size while drying.

7. Drying

Of course, the last step of the process is drying the shoes. The question is, how do you dry the shoes? You can dry your shoes by placing them in a clean, open environment that has accessibility to the sun. The best place is your compound or balcony. 

What Should You Avoid During The Brooks Cleaning Process?

1. Hot Water

You should avoid using hot water when washing your shoes. This way, you avoid weakening the glue that holds the shoes together. However, be aware that you are allowed to use warm water.

If you are using cold water, you shouldn’t leave them submerged for a long time as this might damage the glue, thus damaging the material.

2. Washing Machine

Do not try washing your brooks shoes with a washing machine. Spin-drying them may ruin the shoe’s material and may cause damage to your washer or dryer. 

Although many newer washing machines feature a handwashing option, the recommendation is that you avoid machine washing your shoes in general.

3. Heat

Your shoes need not be near the heat. You should always avoid using a dryer while drying your boots. Kindly dry your brooks Running shoes using your balcony or your hanging line. Remember that heat softens the rubber and glue of your brooks shoes.

4. Bleach

You should always avoid strong solvents or bleach to clean the shoes. The major problem with using bleach is that it weakens the fabric and threads. You can use gentle detergents during the cleaning process.

5. Scrubbing

If you feel you need to scrub your shoes because of too much mud, it would be best if you didn’t do that. You can slowly hand wash with the dampened towel to get the most out of it. Just remove the dirt; they don’t have to look brand new!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Put My Running Shoes Away?

When it comes to the runner-shoe relationship, there comes a time when it’s simply time to separate ways. A shoe that has outlived its usefulness will not be revived by cleaning. You can’t support your joints properly if your shoes are worn out. It may be the right time to replace your running shoes if you notice that your legs and feet are unusually weary after a regular workout.


Cleaning your brooks running shoes is the most straightforward task if you have the basics. Wisdom dictates that you can’t run with dirty, sweaty, and smelly shoes. Therefore, you must clean your sneakers when the situation demands. During such occasions, ensure you have warm water and a dumb cloth to accomplish the task. Avoid hot water, bleaches, scrubbers, and the washing machine for the love of your sneakers.

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