Are Brooks Good Running Shoes? (The 8 Best Running Models from Brooks and How to Choose the Right Running Shoe)

Brooks are good running shoes. They feature a high standard when it comes to how they operate. Brooks solves problems that face several athletes. It also has shoe make-ups suited for individuals with severe pronation problems or those who run a lot. The Company has patented and non-patented technologies to produce its running shoes.

This article will take you through the features of excellent Brook running shoes and the models of amazing Brook running shoes that you can wear.

Great Running Models from the Brooks Brand

Brooks Launch 7 

These are popular among racers and casual runners. The shoe has a specific design that makes it lightweight. Also, it provides comfortable cushioning and support to the feet. The shoe has unique features. The shoe has a breathable and impressive mesh upper and Bio Mogo DNA Cushioning technology that offers padding without adding weight. However, it’s too stiff at the ankle, and you should be careful when choosing the right size.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

People love lasting shoes. You don’t have to go back and buy a pair of running shoes every time. If you’re searching for a pair of high-end kicks that will last you, go no further than the Hyperion Elite 2. 

This shoe is built for racing and has an ultra-lightweight midsole, extra-cushioned footbed, and Rapid Rolls technology, which propels you forward for a faster stride. The shoes will help you, especially if you love to run and are on a budget. 

Are you a marathoner? The Hyperion Elite 2 was built to handle marathon training and running. This way, you should be assured that you are dealing with the best when it comes to running shoes.

Brooks Ricochet 2

Brooks has used their famous BioMoGo DNA and DNA Amp cushioning technology to design the shoe. The technology makes the shoe lightweight and responsive when you walk with it. Also, the shoes are pretty affordable, and if you are on a budget, this is the best type of shoe for you. 

The shoe has a flat-knit upper suede heel tab that wouldn’t hurt your feet. It is pretty comfortable as well. However, you should always get a size that fits you perfectly as the shoe is sometimes a bit narrow and runs small. Also, always order a Brooks shoe with a wider toe box.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 19

This shoe features the patented technology of Brooks that is called GuideRail technology. The most fantastic thing about these shoes is that they have extra stability and support that you can use for running. 

The technology used in making the shoes keeps your foot, knee, and ankle stable enough and is also recommended for individuals who have overpronation. The other fantastic thing is that the shoes come with cushioned heels that give you the comfort and extra support you need for running on treadmills.

Adrenaline GTS 21 

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a road-specific running shoe. The shoe keeps you comfortable on extended runs, with medium-high arches, a stable-yet-flexible structure, and Brooks’ DNA LOFT cushioning, which provides a smoother stride. 

The Adrenaline GTS 21 is created with Brooke’s GuideRail support system to eliminate ankle wobbling and soreness, just like the Glycerin GTS 19. The shoe isn’t suited for runners with wide feet because the toe box is a little tight.

Brooks Ghost 13 

The Brooks Ghost 13 is the most acceptable option when searching for a durable, everyday running shoe. It comes in many colors and styles.

The Ghost 13 gives just the proper comfort and support with soft cushioning, neutral support, and a plush fit, making it excellent for road running and cross-training.

While it is intended to be a multipurpose shoe, some reviewers have complained that it lacks adequate arch support for extended runs.

Cascadia 15 

The Brooks Cascadia 15 is a robust, reliable shoe ideal for running up steep slopes and treacherous mountain trails.

The shoe has a firm rubber sole and protective exterior and a cushioned and supportive inner that keeps your foot comfy and safe for increased durability.

Furthermore, Cascadia’s newly developed mono loop mesh and 3D fit print upper give the necessary ventilation to keep your feet cool as you sweat.

Brooks Levitate 4 

Perhaps one of Brooks’ most incredible and recognized running shoes is the Levitate 4. The shoe is built for speed and includes a modified version of Brooks’ proprietary DNA AMP foam midsole, which is 20% lighter and reduces muscle strain and soreness. 

It also has an arrow-point outsole, which allows for faster heel-to-toe transitions. The primary criticism of this shoe is that it runs small; therefore, you should try it on in person or get half a size higher to be cautious.

How Do You Find Good Brooks Running Shoes?

How Do You Find Good Brooks Running Shoes

Specific hacks will help you identify an ideal Brooks running shoe. For instance, there are a lot of diverse factors that you should look at before finding those perfect running shoes. Below are some of them:


The Brook shoe that you choose must fit you well. For instance, when you select a shoe that is smaller and unable to fit, there comes a big problem as it causes discomfort. Once you are not comfortable with the shoe, you wouldn’t be able to wear it and make the most of it.


What is the function of the Brook shoe you have chosen? Does it function in the way that you want? For instance, can you use it in a gym treadmill, regular jogging, or hardcore running? What is the nature of your running? Is it on a concrete surface? Once you figure this out, you can always choose the best shoe that provides a better experience. 

Always choose the running shoe for the intended use.


Before choosing that perfect shoe, you need to consider its cushioning. This will come down to what you want as an individual. 

If you are a fan of too much cushioning, you are good to go. If you love low cushioning, you can go for a less cushioned pair of shoes. Always research the advantages of cushioning and how you can go about it.


A stable shoe protects you from minor accidents that can happen to you, like spraining your ankle. So if you want to avoid overpronation and minor accidents, you should look for shoes that provide the support and stability you desire.

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